Do you hate Valentine’s Day?

Hi there,

It’s Valentine’s Day and of course, as a Love Coach, I’m bringing out a Valentine’s Day video.

If you’re feeling sad or lonely because you don’t have any plans, and if there is even a tiny part of you that wishes you had someone special to take you out today, then I have a great news for you.

Actually I even have two pieces of great news. Firstly, my upcoming self-study program is being created this month and should be available for purchase towards the end of March, which I am making for those of you who were constantly begging me to put together a learning platform that will allow you the benefits of learning how to Attract Authentic Love into your life but at a fraction of the cost of my coaching.

In addition, I’ll also be at a SINGLES fair and am offering you tickets with a 25% discount code by clicking the link below.

The special discount code for the fair isĀ ‘VAL25’.

You can also schedule a free call to find out more about any of these programs or just simply make a move towards overcoming loneliness by talking to me by booking a Love Tune Up call below.

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