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Marcus Aurelius once said  ‘Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking’. In NLP we use the term “reframing” to refer to a change of mindset so that a negative thought or idea can be reframed to be considered in a more positive outlook and life can be lived to its fullest.

For example, imagine a picture beautifully hanging on a wall. No matter how amazing that picture might be, whether it has a physical frame to it or not, the image is framed. It has an outline of its size and shape and it is that frame that gives the picture a certain life. In a similar way, we live our lives within a certain frame which has been established for us most likely by past history and by what we’ve been told is practical and reasonable. We are never taught that we can change this frame or even get rid of it altogether.

As a Love Coach, I very often use this NLP method of reframing and have decided to follow the same idea in my upcoming Best You Expo talk on 5th March at 12pm in room 3 (stand 12 for the Expo duration). Have a look at my video below and come and hear me help you re-frame your way of thinking about yourself and your ability to succeed and thrive in love. Learn to Unleash Your Amazing Uniqueness to create a life full of love and happiness as you never believed possible.

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