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How are your stress levels these days? I hope that you reflected on the things I had to say about stress management, and by now are convinced just how body and mind are connected, and why we need to pay attention to our nutrition, physical health and of course mental health. In my stress management videos, I identified three tips to help you to cope with stress: 
1. Focus on your self care and be aware of how you feel. How does your body feel? Take time to care for yourself: including taking care of your looks as well.
2. Feed your body – eat alkaline rich, nutritious foods.
3. Take care of your mind – meditate in order to calm down, stop reacting and become proactive in your own life.
Now as a part of that trinity, I would like to share with you an article on the benefits of exercise for for overcoming osteoarthritis and also other ailments and to keep your body ageing well long term. Our health in relation to stress is like a vicious circle. We get stressed so we become more susceptible to illnesses and disease. When we get the illness, we stress about that causing more stress and so on… Therefore I want to share actually two articles, one on the physical benefits of exercise and the other about the mental benefits of exercise, because both are intensely affected by stress.

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