Why to add some raw food to your diet

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Recently I chose to do a Raw Food Diet for a week for my Nutrition course. While I struggled most of the way with this not so easy diet, I have to admit that there were some pretty cool benefits. Among the benefits noticed was that it was almost impossible not to lose weight: eating vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds after all is pretty much guaranteed to help you trim down (well unless you eat bucketfuls). Another great benefit was how great my digestion felt: after all, all that fiber is great for your tummy. But the best benefit of all was how great my skin looked.
Friends and people who knew me asked about my new beauty regimen. Strangers who I met thought I was in my twenties. Let’s just say my eldest just became a teenager, so I am definitely NOT in my twenties. The youngest I was told I was in the last couple of years before starting my Nutrition course was early thirties, so being told I was a whole decade younger was definitely a great benefit! So even though eating only raw food doesn’t work for me long-term (I really like cooked food), I will definitely add more raw food into my diet, and especially much more plant-based food. So what is it about raw food that so many people swear by? Well according to raw foodists, eating food raw preserves the natural health benefits of the wonderful vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the food which cooking often kills or interferes with. That’s why I recommend clients to add fresh fruit and vegetables into their diet, even if mixed with cooked food as well. In fact some claim that lightly steaming food still leaves most of the benefits as well, so mixing it up might be best of all and definitely more interesting for your diet than to simply eat raw. However the idea definitely is to include much fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet.
Here’s a great raw vegan cheesecake recipe for you to enjoy, even if you’re not that into raw food just yet.


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