I get nervous too

I’ve been speaking in front of people for years. I do it often when I run my workshops, when I run introductions to my workshops, and when I collaborate with others helping them on their workshops and speaking events. Even in my past life, as a Marketing Manager and Consultant, I would speak to groups of both colleagues and perspective clients in order to promote my product. So you’d think I should be really good at it and not nervous at all. So not the case!

In fact, this summer I took a fantastic course that taught me how to become a better speaker and an NLP Trainer. Several of my new friends from the course said that I spoke well; but I didn’t feel good about my speaking attempts and I was even somewhat down about it. Fast forward several months that I’ve spent entirely devoted to working on the book I’m trying hard to finish before the end of the year and I’ve suddenly emerged to realise that I have quite a few speaking gigs coming up this and next month which I am starting to feel rather nervous about.

It’s a funny thing these nerves that get us just at the moments when we’re getting closer to what we really want to achieve and when that achievement is what matters most towards reaching the next goal that will propel us forward to reach towards that pinnacle that we’ve been climbing towards. I’ve been working for over a year now with the vision of myself helping women all over the world to achieve their love goals. Part of that vision is my one to one coaching (which is my staple and which I love as I love working with women and watching them blossom with happiness and love as it’s achieved).

Another part of my vision are the workshops that I began giving just before the summer (you can sign up for my upcoming free workshop below). Yet another part of that vision is finally writing and finishing my book (which I work on diligently almost every day to make sure that it’s done in time for my personal-set deadline). And the final and very important part of my vision is the one that is causing me the most nerves at this particular moment: speaking in front of groups of people and helping them realise just how close they could be to achieving their goals of finding, feeling, and keeping love.

This month I have several of my most significant speaking opportunities yet. I’ve worked for over a year to be in a position to have these opportunities, yet the closer I get, the more nervous I become. Maybe part of the problem is my having watched so many incredible speakers in my time of trying to make myself better. How can I ever hope to reach the likes of Richard Bandler or Tony Robbins, I tell myself? How can I ever be good enough? And who am I really to speak to all of these amazing people, many of whom have so many better stories to tell and so many more feats that they’ve accomplished, than I have? Throughout my journey to help others, I am constantly humbled by the stories of people who have come so far but yet don’t realise just how incredible they really are. I wonder if I am really good enough to help them. Yet, even in all of my self-doubt, something keeps calling me forward and stopping me from hiding myself from this mission I’ve somehow taken on as my own. Perhaps that is why I put myself forward for these speaking opportunities that make me wonder if I’m really good enough and that fill me with nerves.

Perhaps there is a lesson in my own self-doubt for those of you still reading who doubt yourself being good enough to find someone who will love you. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. I have plenty of the latter and I am proud of how human I still am even after so much work on myself and even after putting myself bravely forward to help others to help themselves. I am still flawed; I still get nervous; I still fail; and I still make mistakes. Just like you reading this mailer. And you like me are just as worthy of love, of affection, of nurturing, of your dreams becoming a reality as those people that we constantly compare ourselves with. No one is better; no one is more worthy. Everyone begins their journey from nowhere and gets somewhere. The trick is just to believe in your own self-worth and not to quit along the road that leads to where you want to be just because someone thinks they know you well enough to tell you that you aren’t worthy of what your heart secretly knows you’re worthy of.

Maybe I haven’t met you yet, and maybe I have. Either way I know already that you are incredible. You are beautiful in your own way and you are most worthy of everything that you wish to achieve and all the love that you dream of holding. If you are still not sure and you need help finding it, I am here for you. Schedule a free call with me to learn how we can work together to move you towards your personal love goals by emailing info@juliakeller.co.uk and putting “Better Love Story” in the subject line. I’ve already helped many women just like you to learn to love themselves better, to improve the love story that they were already living (or to help them decide when it was time to leave and pursue a new one) and to create a brand new love story that makes them feel happy and fulfilled. Schedule your free call or join my upcoming free workshop by clicking here. I know that together we could help you achieve that ideal love success that you so long for.

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