I am a Speaker Now

I am a Speaker Now!
Last year I had what was my biggest speaking opportunity, since I’ve officially become a Love Coach, at the NLP Life Talks. This year the opportunities are even bigger!

Have you ever had something that you really wanted, but felt stuck and as if you didn’t really believe that it was possible? That was me some years back. I was stuck doing contracting Marketing work that I didn’t really love and feeling forced to pitch myself for more work in an industry I didn’t even really want to be in anymore. More importantly, I didn’t know how to change it or how to get out of what I was doing. I wanted to change my life so that I could love what I was doing and I wanted to find love. But I felt totally stuck: not only did I not like my job, but I didn’t always even like myself. I felt like a failure in many ways. One fateful day changed this and everything turned around.

Now, almost two years later, everything is so completely different. I’ve found my calling in helping to bring more love into this world by helping you to bring love into yours. This year has already started with a bang. I’m signed up to participate in 4 big events to showcase myself as a Love Coach and will also be running several other free-standing workshops both for women and men. I’m taking on more and more male clients (in fact it’s 50/50 now) and I’m soon to have several published works and some online products (for those clients who have been begging me for this). Let’s just say that it’s going to be a busy year and I’m loving it! I finally feel that I’m achieving what I hope for and I’m living a life I love!

To watch a piece of my last big talk “Five Steps To Make Your Life Happen”, click bellow

So how did I get from there to here? Well I used many of the same techniques that I now share with clients to help them move their love life from ho-hum or nonexistent¬†to wow. I’ll soon be sharing many of these techniques in my upcoming group workshop and in an online product I’ll be releasing in March, but if you want a hint of what’s to come, you can book a free 30 minute call with me on the link below.

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