Is negative thinking damaging your health?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why some people who appear to have a terrible lifestyle still manage to live a relatively long and healthy life, while others who seem to do everything right still end up becoming gravely ill. Some years back I witnessed a friend from my community pass away from Cancer at a young age and found myself questioning why.
The truth is that there are many things that play a part in illness: including genetics, general immunity, lifestyle, etc. It could be that those who manage to live relatively long lives despite poor lifestyle would have lived even longer and healthier had they taken better care of themselves, while those who seem destined for ill health despite what seems like a healthy lifestyle, may not be as healthy in some key areas that may be hurting them.
For instance, one of my uncle’s friends, who was “never sick” and was in “good health” despite drinking and smoking and having “too much fun”, until he died at 77 from a heart attack may have survived healthy and fit until 107 had he taken better care of himself. While the friend of mine who passed away from cancer despite what many would have called a “healthy lifestyle”, suffered from chronic lack of sleep and persistent anxiety and depression. Research has shown that adequate deep sleep is necessary for healing and chronic low moods have been linked with many disease states.
In fact, according to a recent study, negative thoughts could be causing you to age quicker, get sick more often and even become seriously ill and die younger. In contrast, positive thinking and positive living could save your life, help you to stay younger longer and even improve your immunity and your recovery from serious illness or injury. Find the article about this below.


In fact, my uncle’s friend who lived a healthy life until his heart attack had a great family life with a happy marriage, children and grandchildren and enjoyed his vast community of friends and his fun lifestyle. He always said he smoked because he loved it and that he was “fit as a fiddle” to all of us who tried to convince him to give it up for his health. In contrast, my friend who sadly passed away from Cancer, didn’t smoke or drink much and had a relatively good diet but complained often of loneliness and of missing true love in his life. He was quiet, shy and mostly alone and also suffered from depression. His one outlet was the community where we met where he had some friends and acquaintances who really appreciated him and who were very saddened by his sudden illness.
The thing is, our bodies are not machines that function independently without any connection to anything else. We are interconnected human beings where everything that surrounds and affects us physically and emotionally makes a difference. 
Hence, having a happy and fulfilled personal life might be just what we need to clean up the mess we make with not taking as great care of our health as we should. In contrast, taking impeccable care of our health may not be enough to save us from illness if we live with persistent loneliness, unhappiness or even fear of poor health. Negative thoughts like bitterness, anger or holding onto pain caused by a past wrong done onto us years ago could find its’ way into our overall health and slowly counteract all of the good we are doing in other ways. That’s why when we take on clients in the program where I study Naturopathy and Nutrition, we are taught to look at the entire picture of their life up to now and not just their current diet. 
Of course, my first area of wellness that I started with was psychological health anyway, so I’ve been helping clients to tackle loneliness and negative thinking for quite some time.  But it’s only since my study in health that I’ve come to realize just how powerful our emotional state is for our overall health. Have a look at the article below for more information on the affects of negative thinking.
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