Visualisation for new beginnings

As humans, we feel emotional when an end of any sort approaches. When we finish university or any kind of long study, we feel a sense of nostalgia over something which may have felt stressful and difficult at the time but when finished feels sad at the ending, mixed with trepidation combined with joy of the unknown future.
When someone we know well or care about passes away, we feel deep grief mixed with anxiety at the realization of our own mortality. Going through a break up of a relationship that was either long-term or very important to us fills us with heartache, loneliness and the feeling of wondering if we’ll ever find anyone to love us again — especially if the end wasn’t of our own choosing.
Sometimes we even feel sad when a really good book or a TV series comes to an end. We may not want to depart from the characters we’ve become so acquainted with. Even when we believe ourselves to be spontaneous, we can see that with many aspects of life, in reality we are creatures of habit and with each experience of an end we are forced to build and create something new to keep putting our hope towards. This can take tremendous energy, and can be difficult and tiresome: which is why we are often reluctant to face it.
Apart from the daily dose or reflection, which can be a great form of rest and mind opening activity, we have the end of seasons that affect us going around us every year. Now, in fact, we are nearing that inevitable end of summer. The warm sunshine is giving way to more cool winds and leaves starting to change and fall off trees. School is back in session and soon in full swing and so is work bringing with it the end of the summer holiday lull.
Biologically speaking summer is a period of growth and recharging one’s body. Most fruits ripen in the summer. The sun is strongest in summer, filling us with Vitamin D. Aesthetically speaking, bright and longer days have a soothing effect on our psychology and our bodies naturally become more active in good and warmer weather. We spend more time outdoors making ourselves more active: walking, hiking, cycling, playing tennis, outdoor sports, etc.
With the ending of summer, we find the advent of the more difficult, colder season of winter, which steps in just after autumn makes way with its’ rain, fallen leaves, barren trees and cooler days. Though every ending brings a bit of crushed spirit, it also comes with tremendous possibility to bring in something new.
You have the power to envision your new. What do you want to change in this transition period to autumn? Take a few minutes to reflect and picture yourself in fall and winter, and then into spring and the following summer. Times goes by so quickly and in a flash another year is past, our kids are grown and we are older. What do you want to achieve in this year? What changes would you like to see?
Below please find a visualization I did a while ago to help you with any kind of anxiety felt during the ‘ends’ we all experience, giving you yet another tool of how to face whatever the unknown future you might be headed towards. And if you are one of the lucky ones, who knows what they want, this visualization will work for you too.

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