Love at the time of Tinder: are dating apps making Londoners more lonely ?

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Recently, I’ve been paying more attention than ever to the dire statistics on relationships showing us that more and more households are occupied by singles in this decade than any before. Less than a week ago The Telegraph published an article highlighting this new rise in loneliness. It’s no wonder why as a Transformational Love Coach, I’m more busy than ever these days after the publishing of my first two books: my guide on how to find true love, Attract Authentic Love and an Amazon best-selling chronology of 20 female coaches writing very openly about our personal love stories and lessons learned along the way: Love Unboxed.

Over the course of time, there have always existed different opportunities for singles to meet each other. What began with singles columns in newspapers soon turned into online dating sites. Now, the online dating sites have been adapted for our busy and easily-distracted culture in the form of different dating apps. As a Love Coach, I try to stay informed as to what’s out there to help singles meet each other and how to make it work best for my clients. So it’s no surprise that one of my most popular sessions is in helping clients to create a dating app profile that really works to get noticed and teaching them how to communicate and basically “work it”. This has proved very popular with both women and men who are struggling to figure out how to meet that someone special in this busy world of expectation and easily-distracted attention spans.

Because of my belief that we can really meet someone anywhere if we just approach the situation with the right attitude and with openness and interest, I was especially interested when I was contacted by a 20 something University student writing an article about how dating apps were were making Londoners more lonely. I was curious about how someone so young could already be struggling with finding love. Interestingly, my clients at the same time were becoming younger. Where I began working mostly with female clients over 35 and male clients over 45, suddenly both women and men under 30 began contacting me for help in finding love. Somehow, I hadn’t expected finding love to be such a struggle already at such a young age. It started me wondering how I can help change this to help more people of any age to find true love. My self-study program (to be launched in July) was the beginning of my attempt to combat this. So is my offer to speak pro-bono to any group of young people (especially young women or high school or university aged girls) in order to help spread the word of the importance of self-value and self-love as a first step towards finding true love. I also encourage anyone who works in organisations with battered women or with people really needing to learn to love themselves to contact me.

I also would like to share with you this interview I gave to the young journalist who spent a lot of time looking into whether dating apps are making Londoners more lonely? I know that many of my readers and clients hold strong opinions regarding dating apps and their efficacy, whether for or against. While I don’t necessarily agree that dating apps can be blamed for our current “age of loneliness” — and I have personally witnessed many clients find love using dating apps — I do see them as a symptom of our low attention spans, our hurried inattentive business, and our belief that there’s always something better around the corner. Perhaps this big change in our culture, which then means we change lovers more quickly and don’t work on or value something potentially good, is really what’s to blame for much of our loneliness. Well that and our lack of understanding of how to find love in the first place. My self-study program includes a module on how to create a dating app profile that gets you attention quickly from the kind of person that you want attention from. But it also includes modules on improving self-love and self-value — as all of these are key towards finding true love.
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