Interview with Liberty Coach Ruth Carter

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As a Love Coach, something I strongly believe in is collaboration and it’s something that I do often. As one of my personal philosophies is approaching the world with Love, I look to collaborate with other professionals who also share this heart-centred approach.

Hence I am proud to introduce my friend, Ruth, a Liberty Coach, who works with youth and their parents and schools. Ruth works to help youths to improve self-esteem and how they relate to each other and the world around them, also helping parents, carers, and teachers to better relate to the youths they care for. I interviewed Ruth recently on her work and am sharing her insightful interview here.

It’s always amazing┬áto hear another inspiring story of a successful woman, and Ruth’s own story is amazing! Ruth’s insightful experience with working with youths is a learning experience for all who have relationships with young people. She says “the bullies are the one’s that have most of the issues”.

Ruth Carter is The Liberty Coach, a Therapeutic Coach for Children, Young People, Parents and Teachers. She specialises in Child & Adolescent Studies and undertakes research on Self-Esteem, Confidence and Academic Attainment. She is also the Bedfordshire Area Programme Manager for schools and for the past 3 years has been facilitating Behaviour Change Courses to students in Year 6 – 11, to increase self-esteem and confidence with NLP.

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