What Men Really Want Week 4 Findings

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This week we have two highly different and very interesting interviews with two men who couldn’t be more different in style. While the man doing the video intervijavascript:void(0);ew was quite keen to give his feedback, the one who agreed to give the audio interview felt that this type of questioning was disempowering to women and wondered why women should even consider what men want from them rather than just being as they themselves want to be. However, despite his hesitation, his answers and opinions are very helpful to women.

Here are the 3 key points for the week:

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1. A truly attractive woman isn’t only attractive to men, she is attractive to most people in general. This type of woman is empowered, dynamic, and comfortable in her own skin. She is interesting and interested. She possesses a genuine charm and a positive outlook and she looks after herself. Does this sound difficult to achieve or impossible to become? Well I promise you that it isn’t. I work with women, just like you, every day who begin their journey feeling insecure and unsure of themselves only to grow significantly in their self-belief and their self-assurance thanks to the coaching process. This is the basis of what my upcoming workshop on uncovering the irresistible woman within is all about.

2. Women who are passionate and interested in the world are especially attractive. There is something about a woman who possesses a natural passion and curiosity and interest in the world around her that men keep referring to.This kind of woman has a vision for her life and drive and passion for something, whatever it may be (often not related to business or financial goals). She is the kind of woman that men find interesting to be with because she is attentive and genuinely interested both in them and in the world and people around her. She is good-natured and ready to explore things and learn something new. This is the kind of woman who is just interesting to be with, whether as a life partner or a friend. She is the kind of woman that people in general want to have around them.

3. Many men may need your help to help them approach you. While some men mentioned that they were confident enough to approach any woman that they found attractive, most men actually suggested that they are looking for your “green light” to approach and also to then continue the conversation once approached and to also ask you out for a further date. What’s the best way to give this “green light”? Well that’s what appropriate flirting is all about and what I teach in one module of my upcoming workshop. Basically it involves eye contact, smiling, and conversation that leaves him yearning to see you again. It’s a technique that I’ve perfected with clients and that has led them to command dramatic results. Want to know more? Sign up for my upcoming workshop to learn that and so many other tips that will unleash the irresistible woman within you!

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