What Men Really Want Week 5

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I hope that you have been enjoying the “What Men Really Want” series up to now. You can catch up on all the interviews here

This week we have a much more physiological discussion about what core character men really find attractive.

  1. Everything is about self-belief first

Men are first and foremost attracted to women who possess a true self-confidence and self-belief. This means a true acceptance of who you are and what you stand for first, even before finding that ideal man. Everything in life is about self-belief, from your success with men to your success in business, to your success in life in general. You must first believe in, and truly accept, yourself. Then you work to make yourself the best woman that you can be, but one that is also true to who you already are. A woman who is truly confident, is one who doesn’t “need” a man. She is with him because she wants to be. Hence she is not clingy and so he feels better around her and like he needs to keep winning her; not like she will be with him no matter how he treats her (even if that’s pretty badly). That is very important for maintaining a constantly growing relationship as opposed to a static one that eventually one or the other of the couple will get bored with. Everything is in motion, so the relationship maintains its excitement and the love only grows. There is a sort of formula which goes something like:

Confidence + Elegance + Femininty + Eye contact = Attraction

  1. Excess in women in generally seen as unattractive

Excess in women (or in anyone in general) is considered unattractive. It is seen as a lack of self-control and that keeps coming up over and over as a distinct negative. Men want to imagine the woman that they choose to spend their life with as one who can control herself in the many aspects of life. Hence overconsumption of food, alcohol, drugs, or even sex or material accumulation (shopaholic) is seen as an unhealthy excess in character and a lack of healthy control. Being slightly reserved (while still maintaining charm) is therefore seen as feminine. Women who jump too much at men come across as desperate and needy and hence also kill the chase. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you should appear aloof or uninterested. Quite the opposite as your disinterest will also make him look elsewhere. Rather, you should be able to hold back and to signal your interest in more feminine ways. Sounds challenging? This is exactly what I teach women in both my workshops and my one to one practice. Want to learn what this means and how to do this yourself to meet the best match for you? Join one of my upcoming workshops on Unleashing the Irresistible Woman Within.

  1. Masculine men are attracted by feminine women

We all have heard the stereotypes about the Eastern European women, both the positive and the negative. Being from Eastern Europe originally myself, but having spent most of my life now in both the US and UK, I get many comments from men on either side of the Eastern European woman debate. One of the positive comments that I hear often about Eastern European women and that attracts many Western men to them is their understanding of the roles of the masculine and the feminine energies and how they can work together. Eastern European women are known for using their feminine energy as a strength to achieve their means. Many men these days feel emasculated by the modern-day sex roles confusion and hence they enjoy meeting a woman who is comfortable embracing her femininity. They also value the quiet composure that many of these women possess, including a natural poise, elegance, and almost a kind of mystery. Their sexuality comes across in a more subtle way, without being overt or tacky.

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