How to Mend A Broken Heart?

Hi there,

I just want to say how pleased I was to see so many of you at the Best You Expo! What a great weekend that was!

When I was deciding of the topic for the Best You expo, I actually had two topics that I wanted to speak about in mind. The first one was the one that I chose and spoke about on Sunday: “Unleash Your Amazing Uniqueness,” which was all about reframing your mind in order to see your true best self in order to show it to others so that you can bring true, lasting love into your life.

The second topic was my attempt at reframing a certain issue that we all go through at some point in our lives: that of suffering from a broken heart. Many of my clients come to me at some stage of trying to find love again after a broken heart, whether years after or months. Even if you choose to end a relationship that isn’t working, it can still leave you with that feeling of unhealed scar tissue that won’t go away until you find a way to deal with it.

The reason I chose this topic was a story I heard that really moved and angered me: a woman I met some time ago confessed that when her husband left her 20 years ago, giving no explanation as to why, and receiving no answers to her questions – her heart broke into a million pieces and a complete distrust took over her. It was only her daughter that helped her to pull herself back together and continue. But yet, even 20 years later, this woman was unable to mend her broken heart and to stop herself from thinking of reasons why her husband may have left her for every night before falling asleep!

The story of this woman’s heartbreak brought me to tears. This broken heart left her so wounded that she gave up any future possibility of love and happiness. Her story showed me that heartbreak, if left untreated and untended, is a devastation for life! Hence, I decided to approach this topic at my next speaking event which is very soon: THIS WEEKEND!

I am dedicating this speech, which I will repeat twice during the day, to all hearts who have been broken and still feel the residue of pain :
“How to Mend A Broken Heart”

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