Don’t Feel Lack Ever Again – My 50 sec Video

Hi there,

Last week I introduced you to the idea of reframing the way you think to reach a greater level of happiness in your life. If you missed that newsletter, you can read it again here.

As a Love Coach, I have a strong belief in love and happy relationships being linked to happiness. When you are in love and you are loved back in return, it feels as though you are closer to your true self than you ever were before. This is especially true of romantic love, but it is also true of how you feel with the love of close friends or family and when you hold the love that you have for your children. When we feel strong love, we are able to be more honest with our desires and fears; our view of the world seizes to be tainted with feelings of ‘lack’; and, despite our fears, love helps us feel brave enough to fearless live every single day fully!

This weekend, I’ll be at the Best You Expo, at Stand 12, to answer any of your questions about love. On Sunday, at 12pm in room 3, you can hear me speak about how to reframe your past hurts and history and even what you believe to be your negative qualities. For more information on how to book tickets, click here

Thanks to your support, we’ve also made it to the list of semi-finalist of the Best You Awards for The Best Lifestyle Enhancement Vlogger. We’re on the same list as Zoella, who my daughter adores, so I’m pretty excited even to make it this far! Thanks to Marija and Stefani, who participate very actively in the creation of our video content.

You can also schedule a free call to find out more about any of these programs or just simply make a move towards overcoming loneliness by talking to me by booking a Love Tune Up call below.

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