A new phase in my own personal development

Anyone that knows me well knows how much I believe in personal development. I’m a strong advocate of setting reach goals and then creating a plan for getting to them. In fact, I normally insist that all of my coaching clients have a personal goal that we’re moving towards in our work together. That way we can more easily visualise what a successful solution would look and feel like and know how closely we’ve come to its’ attainment throughout the process or through setting goals for the way forward.
With that in mind, I of course am constantly working on myself in the same way, learning and developing new skills to help my clients succeed more in their lives and towards reaching their dreams. NLP has been one of the greatest paths to helping my clients almost since I began coaching full-time. I began studying NLP even before I completed my coaching studies, as I felt that I needed something more than just coaching to really help my clients maintain improvements and reach their goals faster. Even armed with just the NLP Practitioner certification – which I achieved studying under the guidance of the founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, and the many amazing people who work with him – I already felt just how much what I learned helped my clients. My ability to help my clients improved even further once I’d achieved the certification of NLP Master Practitioner; and I am proud to say that I’ve just reached my latest level of NLP Trainer, having flown to Orlando, Florida to train under Richard Bandler for this certification.

The training was incredible and intensive, and one of the best results has been the wonderful people that I met and am now in touch with. For those who have already worked with me one to one or participated in one of my workshops, you have probably seen how amazing the use of NLP is on its own or when integrated with coaching. NLP has helped my clients to visualise their goals better and to reach them faster. I’m now qualified to teach this amazing tool to others who want to learn and will be working with other qualified NLP Trainers to bring this about. I will also be incorporating NLP more into the workshops I’m running in this coming year and will be teaching the tools in various ways.

For those of you interested in studying NLP, I’m happy to answer any questions about my experience so far. You can book a 30 minute call with me by sending an email to juliakellercoaching@gmail.com with “Interest in NLP” in the subject line. If you want to work with me, or find out more about my upcoming workshops or my one to one coaching, send an email with “BetterLoveLife” in the subject to book your 30 minute info call.

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