You have questions, I have answers.

Recently, we completed the last week of our first official online workshop. Though it was a pilot, and there were a few sticking issues that we still needed to iron out (hence the lower price and special offers), the workshop actually went really well and had some wonderful reviews from participants. One of the areas where we seemed to run out of time in each week was the Q&A part, which took on a life of its’ own as participants opened up more and more with questions from their personal dating and relationship issues. Before we began the workshop, I also asked current clients, potential clients and friends for any big questions they had, and I gathered together questions from past clients as well. Now I’m opening the floor up to you all, both on my social media and also through this newsletter. This Q&A will become a regular addition to our newsletter series and we’ll be answering your questions (keeping you anonymous of course) on videos which you’ll also find on YouTube in our new “Q&A with Love Coach Julia Keller” section. So please do ask away. You can email us on, or reply to any of our current newsletters on my website or as a comment on the site at or you can simply post a comment on our YouTube channel, Twitter (@JuliaKellerUK), Instagram (/JuliaKellerCoach) and Facebook (/CoachJuliaKeller). So ask away…

Need any more help around these two areas? Have questions you want answered? Then join my free Q&A webinar on setting yourself apart from the crowd which will cover these issues too and will have an opportunity for you to ask any additional questions that you may have.

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