Could this be the new thing in the anti-aging market?

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I have to say that one of the things I love best about my job is that it puts me in the forefront of what’s out there in the wellness and longevity markets and news.
So clearly there’s something to be said about our obsession with staying young considering how the longevity-boosting market is only growing and growing year on year. There are constantly new beauty products in the market to help us to look younger longer. There are new machines, facials, fillers and surgeries to help us more radically to lose 5 to 10 years off the age that we look and there are plenty of books out there to help us stay younger longer by learning to halt ageing altogether. There are even diets that claim to help our brain and our body to remain as young as they can.
To be frank, as someone who’s main professional goal is to help learn the secrets of wellness, healthy living and longevity, I can tell you that there is SOOOO much out there! In fact, there is so much that we can do to help ourselves stay youthful both from the inside out and the outside in that really we should all be able to manage it. The main issue, however, is that there is so much out there to get through that, unless your main point in life is (like mine) to become a Wellness and Longevity Expert, you probably won’t be taking the time to pore through what works and what doesn’t.
Rather, you’ll likely be like many people out there who either when faced with everything that’s out there decide to do absolutely nothing as (and I quote) “it’s all too much and I can’t be bothered”. Or, you’ll be like others out there who, desperate to stay off the clicking clock of time, spend whatever money they could buying loads or products that may or may not work while missing out on the actual life changes that will really make the biggest life differences.
Well, lucky for you, that’s where I come in. In this coming year, my goal will be to bring to you what I find of what’s out there that sounds rather appealing. Now, just to let you know that having now worked with quite a few clients, both in my private practice and in student clinic, what works for one may be different than what works for another. That’s why you may try some kind of diet or beauty product that your friend raves about but experience completely different (or possibly no) results.
The only way to really know what works for you is to go through your issues and goals (what you want to fix or work on), your symptoms so far, your current situation (what’s happening with your mind & body & how you feel) and your diet and lifestyle, among others. There is no simple one size fits all solution. That’s why going through it with a specialist will give you the tailored way that’s best for you, that you then try out and tailor further until you find something that really works.
So below, here’s something new in the world of beauty products. But if you want something that really works for you, set up a session to go through your personal situation. Start with a free 30 minute call by booking here:


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