The New Year’s Detox Plan

Happy New Year to you all! Now that the Thanksgiving and Christmas face stuffing has finished, and the New Year’s Eve drinking is just a memory from the year that passed, it’s time to begin the detox for the new year.
For some reason, January is the month that everyone associates with detoxification and cleansing. We even see signs in the tube advocating a “dry January”. Well, why not utilize that momentum in order to embark on a highly effective detox plan.
There are many benefits to regular detox, including giving your liver a rest so that it can clear all those toxins out of your body. After all, less toxins means a healthier you, which also means less inflammation in your body overall which in turn also means a healthier lifespan and greater longevity.
So to help you along the way, I’ve tried out a few different detoxes on myself throughout the year up to now and have culminated on one that took various positive elements from them and that I find most doable for someone with a busy life. Watch the video below for the detox plan I like best:

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