There has literally never been a better time to get yourself healthy. Finally, the impetus for all those resolutions you’ve made every year to “get healthy” is really here. This pandemic has killed people by the masses.

But not all people, interestingly enough. There are many who barely get sick at all and then those that get sick but are fine soon after. So why? What is it that is making some so ill while others seem to be barely affected?

Well, it’s this important thing called our immune system. Why is it that the elderly are more affected by this pandemic than the young? Well, over the course of many years, our bodies become more abused by the food we feed them, the way we live (stress, lack of sleep, anxieties, drugs, alcohol, smoking, self-abuse…) and even the way we feel (the elderly are more likely to be lonely for instance).

But the people most likely to die from this pandemic are not even the elderly: they are the unhealthy. This pandemic has killed more obese people quickly than anything else out there! So isn’t this the warning call we’ve all needed to finally wake up and make ourselves healthy and finally take care of our bodies and our minds (our thoughts manifest remember)?

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