Searching For Mr.Impossible? Why that’ll leave you lonely and how to retune your picker.

Do you sometimes feel that the man you’re looking for just isn’t out there? Do you find yourself constantly disappointed on dates because no man seems to measure up to what you’re after? Well the problem could be you and what you’re after. As a Love Coach, I meet many women who are searching for what one of my clients coined as “Mr Impossible” – in other words, the man who doesn’t actually exist. Sometimes, this tendency is due to what these days seems like the “something always better around the corner” epidemic caused by dating apps that make you feel like there are always loads of easy options, thereby leading us never to be happy with the one we have. I too have been known to be guilty of this from time to time. From my observation, however, searching for Mr Impossible can also be due to the fear of actually finding someone and having to make it work. I know it’s a strange fear, but not an uncommon one in this society where many of us tend to be overly perfectionistic (so why not be perfectionist about looking for a partner as well).

Think about it – searching for Mr Impossible creates the illusion that you are so much more amazing that most men are worthy of and allows you to believe yourself to be unlucky never to find your suitable soul mate. It allows you to place yourself higher giving you a reason to avoid actually opening up to someone, really getting to know them, and possibly giving a relationship a try. Opening up to someone and letting them get to know you enough to hurt you is scary after all. What if they don’t like you and end up rejecting you? Allowing yourself to feel something for someone is one of the most frightening and most exciting things you can do after all. Nothing compares to the adventure of falling in love, and the ups and downs that could potentially go along with that adventure could be truly frightening. Taking a chance of a relationship that may work or may fail is placing yourself in a vulnerable position, which your subconscious might be telling you is not a good idea out of fear. You might think you really want love, and you feel lonely and the desire is honest, but the fear is honest too and fear has amazing ability to take away the power of your decision making. On the positive side, by realising that you are keeping yourself lonely out of fear, and taking ownership of this, you have the power to change it.

Once you take ownership of your fear, and of the role you are playing in your loneliness, you actually empower yourself to make the dramatic changes required to make a huge difference in your personal life. To learn how to step out of “Searching for Mr Impossible” syndrome, watch the video here.

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