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Do you feel stuck in a negative eating pattern and unsure how to change it? Do you wish that you can be healthier and look after yourself better but unsure where and how to begin? Is your self esteem affected by a negative self-image that you wish you can change? Do you believe your life would be much better if you only looked different or had a different figure or body type?

Well if you thought “yes” to any of these questions, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Many people, especially women, suffer from lack of self confidence — in one way or another — and very often related to self-image. One of the most prominent reasons for low self esteem and poor self image is connected to your feelings about your body, your figure, or your weight.

Many of my clients, for instance, turn to food for comfort after a bad day or when feeling lonely and then feel bad about it afterwards as they watch their efforts at controlling their weight deteriorate. “What can one harmless piece of chocolate do with my beloved cup of coffee,” they tell themselves at the moment. Or something like, “So what if I make it a junk food day today, I deserve it after the crapy day I’ve had”! Or how about, “I’ve been exercising for ages but still haven’t lost any weight, so screw it, I’m having a bowl of pasta”. And there are many more. Does this resonate? From my experience, many people (women especially) turn to food to temporarily suffocate feelings of loneliness and unhappiness.

Unfortunately, clever advertising has caught onto this tendency and is using it against us for the benefit of raising sales of well-known food vendors. The significant rise in vendors means that we are constantly bombarded with advertising telling us that we will feel good if we just eat or drink some product or other. This makes resisting temptation that much more difficult and challenging on a regular basis (even if also more worthwhile). While some 20-30 years ago there was one big chocolate brand advertising its’ scrumptious happiness-giving chocolate, these days we have to endure over a dozen different chocolate brands trying to sell us their product in the most attractive way, normally using our lack of willpower against us to lure us to purchase their product. And let’s not forget the other unhealthy temptations, such as junk food, fast food, soda, coffee, alcohol, etc.

The desire for our purchase has now become a battleground where we have to fight temptation constantly in order to keep our figures and maintain our ideal weight without getting lured into wasting money on so many easily-available unhealthy options. When you pass Starbucks and feel proud resisting that amazing chocolate frappe, a few steps further you encounter Nero’s, Costa, Pret a Manger, McDonald’s… Sometimes, if your willpower and your reason for fighting isn’t strong enough, the battle of resistance becomes too tiring and it’s easier to give in than to hold out… even if that means setting yourself back in your body image goals and feeling terrible about yourself afterwards.

I too have undergone this battle many times in my life and I also know how bad it feels to lose and how good it feels to win. All of my work as a Love Coach begins with helping clients to love themselves better and to feel empowered enough to achieve the life and love situation that they really want. Because I am passionate about helping my clients on the deepest levels, and because I am constantly pursuing learning better and better ways to do this, I embarked on a course to study Hypnotherapy: the fastest method to work with nốt just the conscious mind, but also the subconscious one. Very quickly I saw that weight management and confidence and self-esteem work were areas most crucial to a vast majority of my clients, even before they were ready to find love.

For this reason, I’ve decided to focus on those areas specifically for my hypnotherapy certification project, to run a project tackling precisely this issue of how a negative body image can adversely affect our self esteem. I already use hypnotherapy and NLP successfully to help my clients to improve their self confidence and now I am beginning to use it to help clients with weight management, thereby significantly improving their self esteem as their outwardly image improves. Hypnotherapy is not magic (though the results my clients have seen have often been quite magical); it is simply a method of rewiring your brain to break the old and unhealthy habits and to exchange them for the healthy habits that you actually want and that really serve you.

At the moment, I’m looking for 2-3 more clients who want help to reach their ideal weight, figure, or size to participate in my study looking to demonstrate a parallel between feeling better about yourself physically (by being closer to your physical ideal), when you like the way you look better, and feeling better about yourself overall, thereby having a better self-confidence. If you would like to be one of these few clients participating, schedule a free call with me here to discuss if you are appropriate for this study.

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