Stress: why you have it & how to cope better

Hi there!
 I am starting summer with a very special and necessary two episode series all about stress.
Remember those days when everything seems to be out of flow? You are commuting to work (for example) and all of the lights turn to red as if the universe is trying to make you late; or the tube is running with extra delays or you just miss your train and find the next one cancelled… You rush into a coffee shop to get the first coffee of the day, but the machine breaks down just as you are about to buy it, or there’s an extra slow new server on. You run to work and your boss, who usually comes a tad late, just today decided to come in exactly on time and sees you arriving late?
Yes this is a typical day when you are out of flow and you are in stress. What do you do? How can you help yourself to change that and can you? Watch my Part 1, of the two episode series on Stress (and look out for Part 2 next week): what it is, how to cope with it and how stress is even linked with sugar cravings!

Feel as if you are relate to this and need some help to help you handle stress so that it does not handle you? Book a free 30 min session with me to discuss your options.

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