Stress: Fear Of The Unknown

Last week I introduced the topic of stress, and defined it partially as us being out of flow with life. This includes the experience of frustration, when everything seems to be going against us. In one way, it feels more like the external world is out of flow with us… But in reality, it is us who are out of flow with life, not because it just so happens to be one of those days, but because, somewhere internally, our wants and needs are out of flow from our actual life situation. In reality, stress could be a useful bodily reaction that protects us, an instinct which is inprinted in us from millions of years ago when stress would be our response to a truly dangerous situation, such as seeing a tiger ready to pounce. Only now, our stress is caused not by the tiger, but by little things that do not threaten our life but only impact on a seemingly important moment of it. But our body reacts to it as though it is a life or death situation.

To understand more of what I mean, have a look at Part 2 of the Stress mini series. And if you need help conquering that stress, you can book a free 30 minute session with me here:

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