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You know when you work really really hard, put your whole heart to it, and then one day you see the reaping fruits of your hard work and they taste soooo good! Well I can’t help but boast about the most wonderful news I just received…

The other day I sent a former client of mine a happy birthday wish. This was a client who I’d always really liked and who had spent the two months we intensively worked together working really hard on finding love. I’d been really proud of her progress and how far she’d come, but she’d had a personal family issue that had come up and so had asked to take a break due to personal family circumstances. Work with my other clients and part-time studies (then hypnotherapy) kept me busy and before I knew it several years had gone by. I was wondering what had happened to her because I couldn’t believe for a moment that she had just given up – it was much unlike her… Yet, what I found out the other day with my happy birthday wish has exceeded my expectations. Apparently, during the coaching period, she had met someone… and they’d just returned some weeks back from their honeymoon!

What intrigued me the most was her words about how they met, “it was really quick, as we both just knew”. This is a pattern I see often with my clients who really work towards this goal of finding love. What this demonstrates, first of all, is that the person is really ready and ripe to receive love. It worked precisely as written in my Attract Authentic Love Program (found on It works so quickly because once you are trully ready to receive love, love will meet you half way.


Sometimes you may not know what it is that you really need at the moment… or you may send it mixed messages. That’s why all of this is covered in the first part of my coaching: Working on becoming the best version of you and truly valuing yourself (so that you teach others to also value you). Then follows the second part: Visualizing in your ideal love so that the universe knows exactly who to send you. Much of what I share with readers may sound like theory, but there is hidden logic and structure behind coaching packages because it is all about structuring your mindset in a healthy manner.

I have to say, that this particular client of mine, was especially dedicated, read my book and did all the work I gave her which again showed her determination. Her preferred practice was visualisation, hence we did a lot of those (this was before I was doing hypnotherapy even). I used to guide her to picture her future life with someone special, and in the end she really did step into that future (that’s why “it just felt right” when it happened). If we never step out of our past, we will never know what the future holds for us. Our past determines where we have come to up to now, but it is our opportunity for something better going forward too.

Everything begins when you take that first step to believe in Love again, knowing that you want to share your life with someone special. After that first step, any work that might follow, be it coaching, looking after one’s look or so on will be so much more pleasurable. This client’s story is not the first marriage that I have under my belt and it can happen to anyone who is willing to work and finally step out of their past into the future they really want.

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