The Importance of Connection

Do you ever feel lonely and alone and like you really miss the close connection with others or with someone special? Well apparently you’re not alone. In fact, the issue of loneliness has become such a significant situation in our current world that Theresa May has now appointed a new Minister for Loneliness to tackle the loneliness issue in the United Kingdom.
Connection, especially feeling that special connection with people who are close to you (family, friends, kids, your partner), is a wonderful sensation which immediately warms our hearts, makes us feel better and brings purpose to our existence. A truly good relationship, in fact, is one where the couple shares a special connection together. You’ve seen it before: that look that a couple shares that shows that they truly “get” each other. The same is true with two good friends who share so close a connection that they too have a special look they share between each other that speaks volumes. A good boss or manager is someone who manages to build that special connection with their employees where the latter feel truly heard, valued and understood — so much so that they thrive and find joy in helping the former and the company they work for succeed. The same can be said of one’s connection with oneself which is defined by a key self-understanding that’s deep enough to know what feels right and what doesn’t.
In the upcoming Best You Expo I shall be giving a talk (16th and 17th of February) on the importance of Connection “How to Truly Connect to Someone Special & Why it’s Good for You”.
In my work with clients up to now I’ve encountered many scenarios of couples loving each other yet missing that special connection with one another. Connection is that extraordinary link that comes and goes and that defines the glue of the relationships we are in. So what is Connection and how can we create it, claim it and hold onto it with the people we value? Well, I’ll be talking quite a bit about it in the next few weeks and in the lead up to the Best You Expo as well as at the Expo. Here is the video intro of my upcoming talk at the Expo on the 16th and 17th February at the Olympia in South Kensington.
From my observation connection naturally begins with being confident in oneself. After all, you have to feel well enough in you to feel comfortable approaching and opening something with someone else. When a new interaction occurs with another human being, feeling certain and confident with oneself allows the interaction to be truthful, honest and even somewhat vulnerable. Therefore the connection requires a quality of not being locked in oneself, not being overly self-centred about one’s issues and being brave enough to be open while also aware enough of comfort lines not to be crossed too quickly. In other words, we need to allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable, but while also keeping awareness of what is appropriate and deserved. This is a fine balance that needs to be learned and perfected and which takes time to master. Don’t worry, I’ve spent years perfecting it and now help many clients to cure their own loneliness through this fine art of connection. True connection begins with a connection with ourselves. This means understanding what feels right and when something doesn’t. It also means connection with our bodies and knowing when we need to take better care of ourselves. True connection is good for our health, is good for our soul and is good for our level of life happiness.
So it’s no surprise that I’ve decided to make my Talk at The Best You Expo on “the importance of Connection and how to master it”. If you would like to delve into the depths of Connection, come and hear my talk on the 16th and 17th of February and come and visit my Health and Lifestyle section stand C42. If you’d like to BEGIN working on this RIGHT AWAY, you can book a free call with me here: Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me here.
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