Visualise your future: free guided 10 minute visualisation

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You’ve had quite a few different newsletters from me in the past weeks loaded with content and information. So this week, I’m giving you a nice and easy one packed instead with some ready-made relaxing help: a guided visualisation. Did you know that visualisation not only helps athletes and performers perform better, but it also can boost confidence, help you to achieve your goals faster, help you to overcome fears and anxieties, make you happier and more productive, helps you to boost inspiration and creativity and so much more. Plus visualisation has been linked with helping terminally ill people (including Cancer patients, stroke victims, heart attack sufferers and others to miraculously get well again). I would say that visualisation is pretty much the magic we’ve been searching for. But don’t just take my word for it, check out this article I found about the benefits of visualisation if you need more proof, along with countless others you can find by googling the topic:
So now here’s your chance to try visualising out for yourself: close your eyes, sink into your chair, bed or wherever you might be listening to this and allow you mind to take you wherever it feels you need to go. This is your time to let go, calm down, take a break, dream, visualise and elevate your mood … If you don’t believe that a short 10 minute visualisation can do so much for you, just watch (or rather listen to) the video and try it out for yourself. And once you’re beaming with the newfound felt empowering feeling of being able to create the future that you want for yourself, spread the love by sharing the video (and my website) with your friends.

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