Want to be fit but hate the gym? Watch this video.

As someone who’s three main areas of focus working with clients are Wellness, Confidence & Connection, you can bet that I have quite a lot to say about getting healthy and fit. In fact, the other day, I was at a bar and met some random people who asked me about what I do. When I told them, they very excitedly (and mistakenly) asked about how they too can get more healthy. Well, as I’m studying Nutrition these days and pretty obsessed with being fit, it may not have been the best timing to ask me such a question, as I definitely have quite a lot to say on the topic.
But the reason I’m writing this is to address one of the questions that one of these people asked me: “I want to be fit, but I really hate going to the gym. How do I do what’s good for my body while also not having to do what I hate?” Well, if you’re reading this right now, firstly let me apologize for all of the extra information about what you shouldn’t be eating and doing (smoking, partying too hard every night, eating food that’s highly processed and full of sugar, drinking coke) that you had to sit through that evening. To make up for it, here’s part of the answer to your question about how you can get more fit without having to hit the gym. (You’re welcome!) ;->
If you need more help, by the way, staying fit and eating better, you can schedule a free call with me on the link below to find out how I can help you too to look and feel great.

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