If you’re struggling with Insomnia, here are some tips to get to sleep naturally

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on a pretty cool radio show from Resonance FM called “The Naked Short Club” several times already answering calls from distressed Bankers. Well, I’m sharing one from some time back with a question from a caller who suffers from Insomnia. As a Hypnotherapist, I often have clients coming to me asking me for help to get them to sleep again naturally. So I thought I’d share the answer to one of the questions that came up about how to tackle Insomnia naturally. Here are three quick tips to get you started.

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How to tackle insomnia naturally:

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1. Check your daily caffeine intake.

If insomnia is a regular issue, cut down on any caffeine (that includes coffee, black tea, chocolate and even green tea if you’re still struggling), especially after 3pm. Also, consider lowering how many cups you have a day. While a cup a day is probably not an issue (depending on your constitution of course) — and even 1-3 cups may be normal and find for many people — anything over six cups a day is definitely a sign that something needs to change. Remember that coffee increases your heart rate and basically mimics the stress response. You may be masking burned out adrenals with way too much caffeine and the end result may be trouble getting yourself down to sleep at night. This then creates a vicious circle as you then again need coffee the next day to keep you going and again find yourself having trouble sleeping, and so on. Need help cutting down and getting healthy again? Book a free call with me on the link below.
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2. Calm your mind for bedtime.

If you’ve cut down your caffeine intake, but still can’t sleep, the issue may be in your mind and you may need to learn to relax first. A calming meditation practice is a wonderful way to dose off. There are plenty of apps out there to help you zonk out at night, and even playlists on YouTube and Spotify. But if you’re still struggling or don’t know how to get started, think about seeking out a Hypnotherapist to help you get to sleep. To book a free 30 minute call with me about how I can help, click on the link below.
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3. Keep to a working bedtime routine.

A healthy bedtime routine isn’t just for kids anymore. If you want to get to sleep easier each evening, stick to a relaxing routine at bedtime. Eliminate anything that keeps you awake, such as late-night eating and even evening exercise or showers (opt for a calming bath instead). Also eliminate late night technology which has been shown to disturb sleep. And for a really nice bedtime routine, try adding lavender essential oil or crushed flowers to your evening bath. It’s no surprise that lavender is added to so many children’s products, as it’s known for its’ calming properties. It works for adults too, so if you’re struggling, try it (yes you guys too!).

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