Want to be fit but hate the gym, watch this video!

Hey there!
As someone who’s totally into keeping fit and eating right these days (but for whom maybe this wasn’t always the case), I totally get that everyone has their own level of how much they are willing to do to keep themselves healthy and attractive and feeling great before it begins to feel like too much of a chore. Hey I get it! And I’m sure every one of us slips into bad habits at times (after all Christmas eating is just a few weeks behind us).
Well, now that it’s New Years and we’re filled with New Year’s resolutions we should hold onto at least some of those “get fit this year” plans. I do understand that getting fit, especially when the weather is cold and damp and the sky is grey or dark can feel too much like hard work if what’s required is going out after a long day to get to the gym. Believe me, I get you! That’s why I have some alternative suggestions of how to get fit without the need of using the gym at all (it’s much easier than you think).
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