Milk: is it really good or bad for you?

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As someone who’s become so interested in Nutrition that I decided to study the subject (and am in my second of three years at the moment), I’ve certainly been on the receiving end of many opinions and questions concerning the debate on milk and whether we should or shouldn’t be drinking it. To be fair, the milk debate is not new. You’ve probably noticed the proliferation of “milk alternatives” such as soya, coconut and almond milk both in your local supermarket and also in your local Starbucks and other chain coffee shop. 
But despite the many not so great findings about milk that are being released year on year since the milk debate first began,  the die-hard milk lovers will still point to milk-drinking benefits, such as calcium and milk’s help in bone development. So how do they answer some of the not so favorable milk research that actually states that milk may actually be a causal factor towards Osteoperosis (the disease where your bone density goes down common among post-menopausal women) rather than helpful in preventing it and some very sketchy data coming out of late stating that milk companies may have known about some pretty scary milk issues for years that they kept well-hidden? So is milk then good or bad for you and for bone growth and sustainability? Perhaps the only thing we know for sure is that cow milk is definitely good for the growth of baby cows; we, however, are notbaby cows! So before you order that latte, take some time to read the article below.

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