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Get ready for wellness!

For those of you who have been keeping up with my newsletters, you probably have noticed the move towards a focus on Wellness. Our 10 minutes Facebook live series is now called “10 Minutes to Wellness  (find ithere)  and we are currently launching a Wellness series of newsletters geared towards helping you and your loved ones to live healthier in the three key areas. These areas are Physical (feeling good in your body which should feel good and keep you healthy); Mental (ie: good mental health, managing stress, sleeping well, etc); and Emotional (feeling satisfied in your life and where you’re heading & having a good support network of friends, loved ones, community and even that someone special).

In the upcoming newsletters, I’ll be sharing with you what you need to stay “well” in life for longer life. This means what you need to look and feel great no matter what your age. I think in modern day living we surrender to the idea that getting older means allowing our bodies to crumble and to abandon us, our memories and minds to deteriorate and our chances for happy relationships to dwindle. Well in the course of my work, I’ve met so many people who proved this wrong that I know it isn’t true. I’ve met women and men who live healthy and medicine free well into their 80s, 90s and even beyond. My own great grandmother in fact lived almost until 102 and she wasn’t on any medication before she passed away just weeks before her birthday. My father, who’s over 60 is healthy, happy and works and lives as fully as a 30 year old. He and my mother have a happy successful marriage and a great network of family and friends. My father also is pursuing his life work which he loves and is passionate about and still studies and learns new techniques for his practice regularly. I recently met a woman who basically partied away her twenties, thirties and forties. It was only in her late fifties that she realized that she actually wanted to settle down and get married. Guess what, she married for the first time ever on her 65th birthday!

I constantly meet people who are healthy and look great well into their older years. Unfortunately, I also meet the opposite: people who are unhealthy even in their teens, twenties, thirties and forties. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity are claiming not just the elderly anymore. People are dying younger and feeling ill younger. Those in their teens are feeling already the effects of stress and not knowing how to manage it, as well as depression, anxiety and even insomnia. Therese aren’t just ailments of adults even anymore! So how do we manage life better and help our children to do so? Well with my current studies in Nutrition and Naturopathy, this has become my interest and my obsession. I will attempt, through my own learning, to reveal what I learn to you here. Stay tuned.

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