What have I been up to lately ?

After years of working on my own, I finally made the decision that to reach the awareness I seek to make happen in the field of healthy anti-ageing, I may need to join a bigger team. In December I joined a retailer called Anatomē, which specialises in Sleep and Wellness, as their Sleep and Nutrition Specialist opening a wellness clinic for them and running some sleep and health workshops specifically for women. It’s been an exciting journey so far and the clinic is growing in popularity every month and we’re planning workshops in the future with hypnotherapy for sleep, healthy ageing workshops and a workshop for Women’s health specifically. We’re also working with a local organisation to do more workshops for corporates in the area. So all in all it’s been an exciting time.

A key benefit for those of you on my mailing list is that I can now see clients in person at one of the two retail outlets (not just online) I work in and that my clients can benefit from a special client discount in store. I’ll also be sharing here some of the newsletters I write for them highlighting some of my favourite products in the future. And any research that I do for them as well.

Basically, it’s an exciting time of growth and we flourish together. So here’s to more to come! And if you wish to book an online or in-person consultation with me, you can first book your free call with me here