What’s health got to do with it?

In what I do, there’s a concept known as “inflammaging” that describes what causes many to become so unhealthy as they get older.

Someone I know closely was ill, so ill in fact that we went to visit this person at hospital. The thing about being in a hospital thinking about illness is that it brings you back to where illness begins…

In essence, illness is in fact the absence of health to some degree. To become ill, our health has to be dampened somewhat, that can be by a virus or an infection or some kind of pathogen that we come into contact with. Normally a strong immune system will be able to fight off such a pathogen and keep our health intact and we stay healthy and none the wiser. Our body is an incredible machine: take care of it properly and it will keep us together long term.

But as soon as we are depleted, weaker than usual, or our immune system is compromised in some way, then we leave it vulnerable and our health is like an army under attack who hasn’t eaten or slept for days: tired, weak and easy to conquer. Unfortunately weakening our immune system is something that’s done much too easily. Stressing too much over an upcoming deadline, exams, work…? Partying too hard for a few days/weeks? Chronically underslept (fewer than 7-8 hours per night for more than a week)? Exercising too little (or too much)? Have a loss in the family or other emotional turmoil? Eating a not so great diet on a regular basis? Holding onto too much extra weight? Well you get the idea. It’s very easy to live a less than ideally healthy life. And I didn’t even mention toxins from living in a big city or breathing in unclean air, drinking unfiltered water, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs (illegal or prescribed), eating processed food, drinking processed beverages and so much more. With all that can break our immune system down, it’s surprising all of us aren’t chronically ill… Or are we?

The truth is although the mortality rate has dropped somewhat thanks to modern medicine, people aren’t necessarily living longer and they’re certainly not living healthier. In fact most over a certain age are being propped up by medications which have plenty of known side effects (normally dealt with by being prescribed other medications that are there to handle these side effects). Recently a well-meaning man in his early 60s on statins said to me “of course I’m on a statin. Everyone over 50 should be on a statin; it’s just safer”. Unfortunately, the doctor who put him on the statin had no time to educate him on the potential long-term side effects and the fact that his very slightly-elevated cholesterol could be lowered by much healthier ways: such as changes in diet and more exercise.

The truth is it’s easy to be convinced that there’s some magic pill that will solve our health issues and help us live longer without any sacrifices of giving up an unhealthy lifestyle. Most people become very attached to their bad habits and think the find enjoyment in them because they don’t realise just how much pleasure there is in feeling healthy and youthful even as you age. I’ve seen enough healthy elderly to know it’s possible for all of us, but of course it means giving up some bad habits that we may have grown attached to.

In what I do, there’s a concept known as “inflammaging” that describes what causes many to become so unhealthy as they get older. Over time, unresolved chronic inflammation just grows and causes premature ageing, joint and bone issues, plaques on arteries, debilitated lungs, brain problems, etc. That inflammation causes the ageing that we see and want to avoid.

So while there really is no magic pill to fix your health issues (despite what the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe), the magic that we seek is within (and without) and is our personal power to change our health and actually live healthier longer, staying youthful and staying active.

My goal in what I do is to empower you to do just that. That’s why I’m soon launching my 12 week program for slowing down ageing. Trust me, if you’re over 40, this is something you will want to see. Soon I’ll be telling you how you can access this pre-launch at incredible pre-launch prices. Stay tuned. And please forward this email to whoever you think can benefit.