Making your business work for you rather than working for your business?

Most people find themselves working to live rather than living to work. For most, going to work and even having a career, is something that serves the purpose of paying the bills rather than filling a passion. If you find yourself feeling weighed down with your career and no longer excited about waking up each morning and spending your day doing a job you don’t really love, read on and watch the video below.

Recently I’ve had the please of interviewing Mandeep Singh, a Career and Business Coach, who spoke about how he helps his clients turn around what they think of as a dead end job to have a career (and life) that excites them. 

So what does having a business that works for you, rather than feeling like you’re working for your business, have to do with healthy ageing? Well, everything. After all, as we age, being able to balance lifestyle with work becomes more and more important. The high powered jobs that helped some lucky few make a lot of money quickly also served to burn out most of them. Sleepless nights to suceed on a deal don’t work as well for those 50 and above as they did for those in their 20s and 30s. Hence why many Associates who face that in the beginning of their careers retire ealy.

In fact, most of the poor lifestyle choices we make when we’re young could kill us when we’re older, or at least bring on an early grave or an early retirement (and not the fun kind) due to health issues. High stress plays a role in most ageing-related disorders and serious illnesses. You can find it mentioned as a top contended in cancer for instance, as well as in heart disease and stroke, among others. Stress can lead to insulin resistance which can cause PCOS and type 2 diabetes. Stress even plays a significant role in obesity and other weight issues, as well as in most chronic illnesses. So having a job/career that we don’t like, or even fearing being fired or laid off because we’re in a tough industry or just not enthused about what we do, hence living in constant stress, can play havoc on our mental and overall health.

Mandeep gives us several pieces of advice for loving what we do and hence living a life that we find exciting and fulfilling. Feeling passionate and inspired in our business life and living our work with passion (possibly finding work that helps us to feel this way) is key to loving waking up each morning. Mandeep suggests thinking about what got you started and where you want to be going if you lose your way along the way.

And if leaving your current job to start something that excites you isn’t a viable option right now, then the key is to find that work-life balance so you can do what you want to do while you’re working or growing your success in whatever business you’re in. Fulfilling that life part of the balance will then serve to give you extra energy to keep going with the work park that you can’t leave behind.

In life, as in work, there are some things within our control and many things outside of it. The key is not to stress on what’s out of your control but instead to focus on what’s within your control. You can make the most difference there and there’s no point raising your blood pressure over what’s out of your control anyway. Instead, focus on making the circle of what’s within your control bigger and stronger and as that grows, so will your feeling of fulfilment.

Watch the video below for more tips and advice.

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