The surprising drink that can help your digestion and weight issues

If you’ve have sluggish digestion or trouble losing weight, or even dull looking skin, you may be able to help improve your issues with a rathe simple and surprising drink that everyone can add to their regimen and that many of us Nutritional Therapists use as one of our foremost pieces of advice that’s simple to follow: lemon water. 


The truth is that the benefits of drinking warm water with lemon on an empty stomach each morning (preferably with a straw to avoid erosion of tooth enamel) are something that both naturopathically-minded Nutritional Therapists and Naturopaths, as well as Functional Medicine doctors, have been well aware of for quite some time. Like many things to do with natural medicine, the benefits have been highly anecdotal. But so prevalent are the anecdotes, and so simple the procedure to follow, that we include this as a first step on a plan for most clients. Lemon water is not only great for liver cleansing, alcalizing, digestive fluid boosting, skin clearing boosting… but it also tastes pretty good so is a great substitute for other less desired drinks, such as any kind of soda beverage, energy drink or even processed fruit juice (ie: anything not freshly squeezed). Considering my long love of lemon water, I was pretty pleased to find this article (below) shared on a group I’m in by another Nutritional Therapist as excited about lemon water as me. Lemon water is just one simple thing you can do to improve your digestion and boost weight loss.

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