Natural remedies for menopause

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While obviously not all of you reading this newsletter will be thinking about menopause now, or even be women, you probably know a woman or two who IS in that time of their life where menopause becomes an issue they need to start thinking about.

While there are many ways of dealing with menopause out there, with so many options for women depending on their needs, some, like HRT, carry significant side effects and have been linked to both breast cancer and DVT (deep vein thrombosis) as well as increased risk of stroke. While newer versions on the market are less risky, and offer many women the relief they need from menopausal symptoms, they still have side effects that many women don’t wish to risk, especially if used long-term.

Bio-identical hormones are a safer alternative that are growing significantly in popularity and are made available for women with or without consulting a medical practitioner informed in bio-identical hormones first. Though they are significantly safer than HRT as they are a more natural alternative, significant enough research has not been conducted on safe length of use or on side-effects.

For women who don’t wish to risk hormones in their body, but who also suffer menopause symptoms, or fear what is on the other end of menopause, there is another, more natural option: herbs and phytoestrogenic foods. The article below sums up some of the available natural alternatives that have no known side-effects.


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