Staying healthy in Corona time

At the beginning of Corona time I put out this facebook live helping people to stay healthy with some basic tips. It seems that it’s time to revive the message again as Corona doesn’t seem to be going away as we wished it would. So here is that video with some tips at staying healthy. I’ll be putting out more such videos now that flu season is on the way and that, mixed with Corona, can be disastrous for our health. Not to mention for the health of our kids who are back at school.


There is no more important time to get yourself back in shape and into peak health than now. After all, if not now, then when? Will you wait until you’re in hospital and unable to breathe because you’re in a high risk group. Unfortunately, those most at risk are those who are obese or suffering from type 2 diabetes. Even carrying some extra weight around your belly for too long can therefore put you at risk. Ageing also puts us at higher risk because our immune and digestive systems lose some of their potency after years of misuse.

That’s why I work most with people between the ages of 30 and 60, as that’s when issues really start to creep up and when we can still make a difference. But don’t worry if you’re over 60, it’s not too late ever to improve your health. And if you’re under 30, it’s always vest to start early (the earlier the better).

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