Princess Dreams do come true & yours can too

If you have been looking for your Prince but have found yourself only kissing frogs, take heed and read on…
Even if you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, if you’re at all romantically minded, you would have noticed the news about the latest “notorious engagement” between England’s beloved Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle. What makes this engagement particularly interesting to us today is the complete non-traditional nature of it. Not only is Meghan not British, not from the same society or background as Harry, but she is also a few years his senior and of a different race and skin colour. This is precisely why she has all of us hopeless romantics rooting for her!
The thing about watching a complete royal outsider on her way to becoming the next English Princess is that it makes us feel that we too can hope for something similarly amazing and miraculous. In truth, most of my clients don’t come with dreams of becoming a princess or even of marrying a prince. Mostly they just come with the hope of meeting someone who will even occasionally make them feel loved, cherished and princess like.
In truth, I myself never had any desires towards joining the royalty; but I do expect my leading man to treat me like his princess. And it is precisely just the fact of this expectation that leads me to always choose leading men who behave in a princely (aka: gentlemanly) fashion and who cherish, adore and spoil me. After all, I believe I deserve it and I treat myself with this kind of love as well — always taking care of my body, my health and my spirit — so I teach them by my own actions what is acceptable. To those who behave as I believe I deserve, I demonstrate my gratitude and appreciation by giving all of me (after all, a relationship means giving back as well as being able to accept with gratitude and appreciation). Because I prefer to be alone than with someone who treats me worse than I deserve, I am rarely if ever disappointed. After all, if you know that you deserve better leaving a less than adequate relationship should not be a challenge.
We are all worthy and deserving of finding our own unique “prince” who treats us like the “princess” we deserve to be. If you’ve been struggling to meet anyone who even comes close to being that special someone, perhaps it’s because you’re going about it the wrong way. Or possibly it’s because you yourself don’t believe that you are truly worthy of being a Princess. That’s why all of the work I do with clients begins with growing your self-value and your self-appreciation. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a perfectly finished product before you’re able to meet the person of your dreams (after all, we are all works in progress), but it does mean that you have to value yourself before you can expect anyone else to value you (and that includes your friends, your family and even your boss, along with that special someone).
So if you need help with this, you’ll be pleased to discover that both my book  and my online program  begin with that before moving onto specifics of how to help you meet your dream love. Have questions? Schedule your free 30 minute phone call here.

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