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This year, happiness coach, Shadia Zaman, has invited me to participate in her Love Being Happy Summit. I’m incredibly excited because along with that invitation, I was offered the chance to extend to you the opportunity to watch. If you WANT to live your dream life, filled with happiness, love, and abundance, but you’re struggling to figure out how to make that happen, then you are in the right place! As I was being interviewed, it started me thinking on the entire idea of happiness and what makes people most happy.

The writing of this newsletter happened to coincide with my time away in the US visiting my family. As a family, we are very close and my kids and I spend at least a month or two each year with my parents, my sister, and her kids. We visit with other close family and friends too. All of us feel a great deal of happiness on these occasions, and it is very hard for us to part ways and go to our separate corners of the world after (my sister lives in the West Coast of the US, my parents on the East Coast, and I live in London). My mother, who misses us terribly each time, and who we all miss so much when we go, says that these times of visit are the happiest moments of her life, and in some way they are also for all of us, and parting after are some of the saddest.

In the United States, where I sit at the moment of writing this newsletter, the official Declaration of the United States of America, signed by many of the great men and initial leaders of this country on the 4 July 1776, has become the living historic document that so much of what is allowed and encouraged in this country is based upon. This document proclaims the fundamental right to: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. But the document doesn’t quite explain what happiness actually is and how we pursue it. It simply assumes that we all understand this fundamental so important emotion. But do we? Do we actually understand what makes us happy really or do we just know when we feel a considerable lack of happiness?


In many ways, so many of us still chase the dream of what happiness must be implied with: freedom, wealth, power even for some. Love? The success of a nation has been assumed to reflect its economic success, and we too have assumed that we feel more happiness as we too become more economically free to live the life that we want. While the growth of wealth has and still is one of the key factors to freedom, without it material acquisition means nothing, why is it then that despite the financial success the West has achieved, the sense of alienation and unhappiness has also risen?

In response to this issue, a group of experts in sociology, economy, psychology, science, public policy and health launched a Global Happiness Report in 2012. Their core idea is that when one wants to measure human wellbeing, they have to measure their level of happiness, not just financial achievements. Not surprisingly, the 3 “happy” countries that top their list – 1.Switzerland, 2.Iceland & 3.Denmark – are the same top 3 of the World Happiness Index – with 1.Denmark, 2.Switzerland & 3.Iceland. To find the rankings for the World Happiness Index, researchers asked people to rank their own happiness and then weighted this against six other factors: levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption (http://www.sciencealert.com/the-world-happiness-index-2016-just-ranked-the-happiest-countries-on-earth).

The fact that such survey has come to exist says much about the state in which we live and in which our sense of measurement and purpose has gone astray. Have we replaced happiness with fiscal well-being both personally and as a set of nations? Have we also decided that our need for freedom and success trumps our need for love? Clearly, the lack of happiness and close personal connection that is becoming an epidemic in our world today is being noticed by enough experts that a move towards a focus on happiness is coming. And if the world has agreed that happiness is key to a nation’s true success, should we not focus more on achieving our own as well?

In my work as a Transformational Love Coach, I feel more and more just how unhappy clients feel when they are stuck in a loop of loneliness and relationships that never take off or are doomed to failure. Helping women find true love and happiness has become my passion and my calling for some time now, so I was thrilled to participate in an online Happiness Conference with Happiness Coach, Shadia Zaman, and over 30 other amazing experts. Together, we have partnered up to show you how to tap into YOUR power to attract an abundance of happiness into YOUR life! If you constantly find yourself struggling and wondering when you are going to start experiencing the joy and abundance of happiness that you deserve, then sign up here [www.lovebeinghappyonline.com] to learn how to be happy and start loving your life right now!

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  • Why being mindful is important when trying to create the life you desire
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