The Day Of Fate

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The other day as I was talking to my assistant about the way we spend our New Years she mentioned a very interesting custom that they have in Georgia. They celebrate something called the “Day of Fate”, which occurs after New Years on the 2nd of January.
This day acts as a special, unique day during which whatever you do then, and how you spend it, determines how the rest of the year will unfold for you. It is a custom which really takes the idea of “Fate” to another level: so that your Fate is not only in the hands of a superior power, but becomes more in your control and determined by your behaviour. Wow, what a tradition!
Hence, in Georgia, on this day just after New Year’s you do things which make you happy, you see people with whom you would like to spend your coming year, you make sure to pamper yourself and indulge in copious self-care, but also work on what is important to you and embrace the fate that the day has brought you. It is a gentle balance between embracing your mysterious destiny with just enough power over personal direction. This idea really struck me when my Assistant recounted the tradition to me. I began to consider the many reasons why one should commit to such a ritual and found not only spiritual or celestial reasons but above all psychological reasons .

The idea is to do something you love, something that is good for you and something that you should improve on in your year. 

Take a moment now, shut your eyes and try to imagine: if you had one day in a year which determined your fate what would you do? What do you want your life to be filled with in 2018? For Georgians this process has now become instinctive to really decide and understand what you want and entrust it to fate. This is a day, during which you can do what is truly meaningful to you knowing that if you do this on that day, you might actually pave the way for the coming year to hold more of it for you as well.  The idea is to do something you love, something that is good for you and something that you should improve on in your year.
My Assistant herself told me of her fate day: during which she spent a morning with her husband at home basking in their mutual love and connection, spent time with close friends and family and spent time working. She decided to eat healthy to keep her mood positive. Amazingly, events unfolded naturally to assist her further so that she ended up invited last minute to another friend’s home where she met many new people and made some wonderful new contacts. Part of her day was planned by her; but the other part of the day was planned by Fate. The idea is to “surrender to the journey while keeping in mind an idea for the desired destination. Now my Assistant is ready to embrace the year of work (thankfully for me!), socialising with old and new friends and another happy year spent in harmony and Connection with her husband! Now imagine if we all could embrace something similar!
What about you? Does your culture, social group or family have any such customs? What about your plans for the destination for the coming year? New Year’s plans or resolutions? Share with us and we’ll share with you.

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Next week we’ll also be sharing some of our big changes for the focus of the business for this coming day.
Stay tuned!

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