Week 9 – We are the swiping generation

We are the swiping generation

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This is week 9 of our interview series. That means only a one more week to go after this one! This week our theme seems to be online dating, or rather should we say dating using the swipe apps, like Tinder, Bumble, JSwipe, etc. and how to make them work for the benefit of your dating life. This is something that many of my clients dread until they have my help to create super successful profiles for them. Then they realise just how much fun meeting men this way could be, and especially how many more men they could meet when they do this right and when they’re on the app that works best for them. So here are some hints of what men are looking for in a successful profile.

  1. It’s time to embrace an app for finding your next date! The interviews this week reveal that many successful, busy men are turning to apps to meet the women they date. So what are they looking for? Well let’s start with what they really don’twant to see. One thing men cringe about are women with photos pouting. “Why do I want to see a woman looking depressed?” one man said. “I prefer a natural smile”. The other thing men hate are pictures that look nothing like you. “It’s a huge turn off when I meet her and she’s looking 10 years older or 10kg heavier than on her photos. I’d rather see her as she is and decide then whether I want to meet her or not just as she is,” many men are saying. The other thing they don’t like are photos where you look like you are trying too hard: where you are too sexy, for example, or obviously showing off your body. Boobylitious pictures will simply make you come off as easy, which is probably not how you want to begin if you are after a long-term relationship or a commitment.
  1. Your lifestyle is what they see behind your look.Men like a woman who looks like she looks after herself. That’s what the whole obsession with slimness really is, especially as men prefer women who look sporty to women who are too skinny. Being slim represents a common healthy lifestyle, hence when men say they are looking for a woman who’s slim they mean one who lives a ‘healthy lifestyle’ and not one who is constantly dieting or worrying about the fact that she isn’t skinny enough. The models on the fashion magazines are there to appeal to women more than to men. Look at the difference with the type of women portrayed on men’s magazines: women with more curves for example. If you think this is in any way unfair, imagine for yourself: wouldn’t you prefer to spend time with a man who is eager to go out for a walk, to go on holidays, enjoy the outside, the beach, keeping fit, etc. With this kind of person one can enjoy more, the bottom line seems to be that healthy life style guarantees a more interesting life and a person with more energy to live life. Hence, find a way to work this into your profile and especially into your profile pics. Men like to see at least one photo of your full body and another of your face with a warm smile looking as “natural” as you can while still looking pretty. I just recently helped a new client change her photos to ones that fit within this and she reported that the interest she got from men went up significantly with this change.
  1. Men are interested in women who come across as feminine. Being feminine, as men see it is more than just how you look and how you dress. It is a way of acting and coming across that men really appreciate. Femininity assumes certain qualities that speak to men as ‘feminine energy’ and that greatly appeal to them. Appearing to be at ease with yourself and slightly teasing him, for example, but in a gentle sweet way. This is not staged teasing by the way which is completely unnatural to women. This can be demonstrated in a photo by wearing something which is not too revealing, yet invoking the imagination for instance. A sensual dress that drapes on you and reveals just enough to show off your figure a bit is a great example. It also can be revealed in how you write your short profile. I helped one client just reword her profile somewhat and the entire energy of what she wrote came across differently. Men responded immediately and she easily met someone wonderful that way who she is still dating now. Showing multi-dimensionality is feminine as is having an interest in life. The more you can demonstrate this, the better your success ratio will be.

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