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Be A Better You To Find True Love

 Recently I started to work with a new friend of mine, Stewart, who introduced me to the world of radio. I guest starred on his show several times and you can listen to them here. It was great fun!
UK Health radio also has its own magazine dedicated to healthy lifestyle, where you can find an […]

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How Stefani cured her psoriasis and lost 6 kilos

Hey you,

Your body is your temple, your body is your home, your body is your way towards expressing who you are. In ancient Greek times, being physically fit was considered as impressive as being intelligent. The belief was that in a beautiful body lives a beautiful soul. This may sound unjust. After all, we are […]

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What can we learn from women who give up their independence for a man?

Ever since humanity created written history, there have been many stories of women who in the name of unconditional love sacrifice their families, careers, countries, kingdoms and even themselves. In modern times, we may question what it actually is that makes women give up so much for love? Though there exist stories of men who […]

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This stuff really works !

You know when you work really really hard, put your whole heart to it, and then one day you see the reaping fruits of your hard work and they taste soooo good! Well I can’t help but boast about the most wonderful news I just received…

The other day I sent a former client of mine […]

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Why the good guys will wait… and when exactly is the right time to “bed it”.

Hi there,

If you’ve just returned to dating after an absence, or if you’ve been disappointed in the past because you’ve jumped into bed too quickly, and hence the relationship you had high hopes for, seemed to fade just as quickly, then you may want to read this newsletter.

Yes we’ve covered this topic before in the […]

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Need a Change? Will Greenhouse – change coach to the rescue

Will Greenhouse – Change Coach to the rescue 

As you may already know, I’m a strong believer in collaboration and hence reach out to work together with quite a few other therapists and practitioners, especially those on the cutting edge of their field or doing something particularly interesting and that’s you all can benefit from. So […]

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In this crazy mad world, only you can help…yourself to become the stable pillar.

Looking at the news these days, admittedly, it is hard to stay calm. I have two young, beautiful daughters who with curious eyes ask me what is happening in Syria and why there is still so much war and fighting in the world. Both of them, when given the opportunity to make wishes, wish innocently […]

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‘Finding The Way Forward’ Literally

Sometimes we become lost and confused during our path in a certain direction and just need help finding “The Way Forward” again. Well recently I was asked to record some advice about love for  one of UK Health Radio’s top shows called “The Way Forward”. You can listen to the very first episode here as […]

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If you’re feeling lonely and disconnected, watch this talk

These days it feels like the world is so much more connected on one level but so much more disconnected on another. In fact, though we can follow what our friends are doing (and even eating) quite easily on Facebook and Instagram, we may not have actually spoken to them in months. Meeting someone now […]

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Benefits of the holy chocolate: how to enjoy Easter chocolate without jeopardising your weight

As much as I enjoy holidays (of course who doesn’t!) I often dread the return to normal life with extra weight gain from too much enjoyment. Whether we go away for the holidays or not, the celebration of holidays is strongly associated with the pleasure of eating and that often carries with it weight gain. […]

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What is Holistic Therapy?

As some of you following my work and my newsletters may know, my business is changing significantly. For one, I’m not only calling myself a Love Coach but am now a Holistic Therapist too. You may be wondering what exactly this means and how this changes things with what I do. Well the best way to […]

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One thing slim women do that overweight women don’t

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and it hasn’t been working for you, it could be because of your diet, or it could be due to your lifestyle or just a general lack of fitness. But if you’ve tried quite a few things and are still struggling, then you may be missing this one […]

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Your Love Blueprint

Hello there!
Have you ever worried whether that ideal love you want is really possible? Maybe you already have a relationship but it just isn’t exactly what you’d hoped for? Or perhaps you witness others around you seemingly happy in love but wonder if it’s possible for you as well? 
But even if you’ve slightly given up […]

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Waist Ration & Brain: Is there a connection? Legitimate explanation to the strange (seemingly unfair) claim

Hey you,
Are you struggling to find the motivation to eat healthy? Need more reason to keep fit? Well apparently having a good waist-hip ratio isn’t just about being attractive; it actually determines your brain function in later years as well. Research states that the bigger your waist (as compared to your hips), the smaller the […]

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If Valentine’s Day Made You Feel Lonely, Read This!

Hi there!

This past week was Valentine’s Day, and just a few days after that I had the privilege of speaking at the Best You Expo. My chosen topic this year was about Loneliness and how it can be cured by Connection, giving people 3 proven tips on how to truly Connect with someone special. Why […]

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Faith in Love

Tomorrow is the 14th of February, otherwise known in so many parts of the world now as that special equally cherished as dreaded day of lovers: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is as much a day that some couples look forward to celebrating their love during as other couples dread being forced to celebrate. Singles too hide out […]

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Visualise your future: free guided 10 minute visualisation

Hi there,
You’ve had quite a few different newsletters from me in the past weeks loaded with content and information. So this week, I’m giving you a nice and easy one packed instead with some ready-made relaxing help: a guided visualisation. Did you know that visualisation not only helps athletes and performers perform better, but it […]

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The Best You Expo: why you should go & what should you see.

I’ll be honest: I’m kind of addicted to personal development. Ever since I began studying Coaching and then studied NLP and then Hypnotherapy and now Naturopathic Nutrition, I’ve been hooked on working on improving myself. So it’s no surprise that from last year when I began exhibiting at The Best You Expo, I knew that […]

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The Importance of Connection

Do you ever feel lonely and alone and like you really miss the close connection with others or with someone special? Well apparently you’re not alone. In fact, the issue of loneliness has become such a significant situation in our current world that Theresa May has now appointed a new Minister for Loneliness to tackle […]

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My New Three Target Areas

It’s now 2018 and that means a clean slate to create the kind of life that we really want and to begin a new year afresh. The idea is to plan to change a small number of things that will help us to move closer to your goal. So what is […]

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