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What do our negative thoughts tell us about ourselves?

Last week you were able to tune into my interview with Psychotherapist, Bonnie Schneider, who, in her very insightful manner, portrayed negative thoughts as little monsters who just really need a hug. What a great way of explaining the core of the problem! Indeed, these little monsters – the negative thoughts – often overestimated in […]

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Is Covid 19 Causing A Mental Health Crisis

Many of you might have noticed the scary mental health statistics recently. Both depression and suicide rates have been creeping up during the Coronavirus pandemic and domestic violence rates are through the roof. This isn’t exactly a good thing for long-term longevity.

Mental health issues have long been correlated with physical health issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular […]

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How To Connect To Positivity And The Bigger Picture : Guided Meditation

After so many weeks/ months of quarantine, we are reaching a stage of being tired of staying home while still intermingled with fear of truly returning to normal. Questioning of the lockdown is increasing. While restrictions are easing in many countries, many still wonder how much longer this will last and the effect on the […]

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Covid-19 Diaries: Should We Vaccinate Or Should We Not Vaccinate? Video Interview With Mark Lester

Whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate has been a hot debate for many years. Now with the search for a vaccine against Covid-19, and governments trying to pass laws making vaccination mandatory, this debate has grown even louder with more people taking sides.
I’m bringing you a strong voice of the anti-vaccination side now. Watch the […]

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To Mask Or Not To Mask: That Is The Question

With the advent of Corona comes also the question of how to best protect ourselves from the virus. Recently an interesting debate has been happening: the one about whether masks actually help us to stay safe or not.

Well, in order to answer that question, I decided to conduct my own research. Unfortunately with all of […]

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Covid-19 Diaries: What did I do to stay positive

Now that the Corona virus lockdown is entering an easement phase throughout Europe and Asia, I think it’s a good time to reflect on what we have learned and what I have personally learned during this time of isolation.

The biggest lesson for me was that it is possible to have a completely different kind of […]

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Staying positive in this strange time of uncertainty

Life throws us curve balls on a regular basis that we may not always know what to do with. Some are good ones that lead to much better things: like promotions and proposals. Some are bad ones that are painful and difficult to be a part of: like deaths of loved ones and illnesses we […]

Mental Health Newsletter: A great way to organise your thoughts- Keep a journal!

Hello everyone,

I continue my newsletter with the current focus on mental health and how your mental health affects your physical health. Last week I spoke with Ruth Carter, the Liberty Coach, who works with young people, parents, schools and the community to help them to unleash their potential, to create a vision of their lives […]

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Could this be the new thing in the anti-aging market?

Hey you!

I have to say that one of the things I love best about my job is that it puts me in the forefront of what’s out there in the wellness and longevity markets and news.

So clearly there’s something to be said about our obsession with staying young considering how the longevity-boosting market is only […]

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The New Year’s Detox Plan

Happy New Year to you all! Now that the Thanksgiving and Christmas face stuffing has finished, and the New Year’s Eve drinking is just a memory from the year that passed, it’s time to begin the detox for the new year.

For some reason, January is the month that everyone associates with detoxification and cleansing. We […]

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How to distinguish between the fact and fiction of the masses of health info out there

Hey there!

So, I get it! With all that’s out there about what’s good and not good for your health, you’re probably pretty lost and confused, as are most of the clients, as to what’s actually accurate and what isn’t. So how do you know what to pay attention to and what to ignore? Unfortunately there […]

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Visualisation for new beginnings

As humans, we feel emotional when an end of any sort approaches. When we finish university or any kind of long study, we feel a sense of nostalgia over something which may have felt stressful and difficult at the time but when finished feels sad at the ending, mixed with trepidation combined with joy of […]

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Is negative thinking damaging your health?

Do you ever find yourself wondering why some people who appear to have a terrible lifestyle still manage to live a relatively long and healthy life, while others who seem to do everything right still end up becoming gravely ill. Some years back I witnessed a friend from my community pass away from Cancer at […]

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Why is eating so confusing these days?

Having almost finished the second year of my 3 year Nutrition study, I’m starting to really understand why my clients are so confused about what to eat and what not to eat. Unfortunately, neither the media nor our communities nor even many well-meaning health professionals make it any easier to grasp what exactly IS and […]

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Healthy Ageing starts here!

Hello you,

How are your stress levels these days? I hope that you reflected on the things I had to say about stress management, and by now are convinced just how body and mind are connected, and why we need to pay attention to our nutrition, physical health and of course mental health. In my […]

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Why to add some raw food to your diet

Hey there!

Recently I chose to do a Raw Food Diet for a week for my Nutrition course. While I struggled most of the way with this not so easy diet, I have to admit that there were some pretty cool benefits. Among the benefits noticed was that it was almost impossible not to lose weight: […]

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Stress: Fear Of The Unknown

Last week I introduced the topic of stress, and defined it partially as us being out of flow with life. This includes the experience of frustration, when everything seems to be going against us. In one way, it feels more like the external world is out of flow with us… But in reality, it is […]

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Stress: why you have it & how to cope better

Hi there!

 I am starting summer with a very special and necessary two episode series all about stress.

Remember those days when everything seems to be out of flow? You are commuting to work (for example) and all of the lights turn to red as if the universe is trying to make you late; or the tube […]

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Why learning to connect with others is good for your health

We work very hard to be successful, to grow at a job, to find love even. There are books that teach us how to be confident, to be fearless, to seize the moment, to eat better, etc. While these are all of course very important for our personal development, what I find as a Mind-Body […]

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Back to certainty !

Hey there,

Before I was a Mind-Body Wellness Specialist, I was a Transformational Love Coach. That was some years back when the Brexit vote had just happened and when we were then, much like now, in a state of uncertainty and flux over what would happen in our future.

The fact is that the only thing that […]

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