Success Story: Find Love At Any Age

As a Love Coach, I really believe that one can find love at any age. I even posted this article on Facebook recently, about an elderly couple who found true love in their 90’s. And I know several couples personally who found each other post retirement.

It’s no surprise therefore that so many of my clients are over 35, quite a few in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and sometimes beyond. This month’s testimonial is a client who wanted to believe in love again.

Should you desire to find love again and feel that you’re too old or that it’s too late on your life journey, schedule a call with Julia Keller to understand how you too can #findloveatanyage.


Remember the last time that you saw somebody you really liked but didn’t take the opportunity to say hello… How frustrating is it when that person might be a perfect partner for you and you miss the opportunity to talk to them.

Wouldn’t it be great if the next time you passed by someone you wanted to get to know better, you knew what to do to begin a conversation. Well I’m giving you three tips after the below video. Just click on the link under the video to read the tips.

Of course sometimes, even with the best tips and the best intentions, something doesn’t work out and the moment just doesn’t happen… if you are kicking yourself afterwards and you wish you had a second chance to say hello to that special someone, watch the video and Join the Revolution!

This is why we agreed to collaborate with Happn. What we like about Happn is that it gives you a second chance to meet that someone you noticed but didn’t have the courage to talk to the first time. One of the things that my clients complain about all of the time is that they are kicking themselves for missing that chance to speak to that someone that interests them, we with Happn you have the opportunity to have that second chance.

And if you want more apps we choose as our top five out there to meet someone if you’re over 30, have a look at our video highlighting our top five apps.

And here are three tips for how to talk to that someone you notice:

Tip #1: Use your eyes and your lips to grab interest.

The original way of grabbing someone’s interest is still the best: use your eyes and your smile. The trick is to do this in a way that draws the other person in. Keep his gaze just a little longer than comfortable and then follow with a smile while still keeping eye contact. This could be nerve-wracking if you’re not comfortable doing this, but you soon find yourself getting better at it. We’ll demonstrate this technique fully in our coming online product so stay tuned.

Tip #2: Get him at “hello”.

Sometimes the simplest words are the most effective. You don’t have to try too hard to start a conversation or even say anything particularly witty. A “hello” said in a seductive, captivating way is enough to draw the other person in and create a desire for more. Bond this with eye contact and a sightly mysterious smile for extra impact.

Tip #3:  Find a commonality.

We all know that having something in common makes conversation easier. Well the good news is that finding something in common with that person you’ve been eyeing is easier than you think. If you’re both standing on a long line that’s moving slowly, for instance, you’re probably both feeling equally frustrated. Or if you’re both out standing at a bar, you’re probably both after a drink. These are already two simple commonalities that can help spur a conversation.

For more such tips, follow my blog and read me now on several other blogs too. And if you want some more personal advice for your specific situation, schedule a free 30 minute Love Tune Up call with me on this link.

Find the best dating site for you!

Hey you,

It’s not easy to meet someone who’s perfect for us these days, especially as we’re often so busy with playing catch-up on our lives: running to catch a bus, train, taxi, meet a friend in a coffee shop etc. Life has become so fast-paced that the methods of meeting someone in this busy time have changed. In the past, we could meet a friend of a friend, a classmate, co worker or a stranger you in a cafe, park, cinema etc… now that kind of meeting is much too rare.

We are all so swamped with ‘things we need to do’ that take over our concentration that we miss the opportunities of meeting that someone special that are in our sights. That’s why a new way of meeting people was so needed and came along with the advent of online dating some years back. Once meeting someone that way was something people didn’t like to talk about. These days, however, many happy couples talk about having met that way. One of the areas that many women and men come to me for help in, in fact, is in showing them how to create an online or app profile that really stands out and gets noticed.

The key thing firstly though is to choose the right dating site or right app for you. We’ve been privileged to be asked to share this wonderful research on the top best dating sites out there as rated by, a fantastic reviewer site. This great research on top dating sites really helps:

According to their copious research, the top four finalists are — all likely names you already recognize — OkCupid,, eHarmony, and Plenty of Fish — and their official tester tried them all. She came up with a snappy username, entered her personal information, wrote detailed but pithy descriptions of her hobbies and interests, answered hundreds of multiple-choice questions, posted photos, and browsed profile after profile. She kept a detailed log of every view, like, wink, fave, and message she received. They used it all to find the best.

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Creating an online profile that really gets noticed and liked is something that can take years to get just right. And, let’s be honest, you’re likely to give up way before then. There are just too many to choose from, and it actually takes trial and error to find the one dating online site or an app to feel fully comfortable using and which gives you the most favorable choice of partners.

The great news is that we have done that research for you!  using the before mentioned website as well as research I conducted myself and with client through trial and error, I have fully dwellved into the pros and cons of many apps and sites. This means that now I can teach others the same skills that had me and my clients filled with attractive choice! Schedule a free call with me now and find out how to date better on online sites by creating a better profile.

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Lets embrace the movement and make it work for us.

Don’t Feel Lack Ever Again – My 50 sec Video

Hi there,

Last week I introduced you to the idea of reframing the way you think to reach a greater level of happiness in your life. If you missed that newsletter, you can read it again here.

As a Love Coach, I have a strong belief in love and happy relationships being linked to happiness. When you are in love and you are loved back in return, it feels as though you are closer to your true self than you ever were before. This is especially true of romantic love, but it is also true of how you feel with the love of close friends or family and when you hold the love that you have for your children. When we feel strong love, we are able to be more honest with our desires and fears; our view of the world seizes to be tainted with feelings of ‘lack’; and, despite our fears, love helps us feel brave enough to fearless live every single day fully!

This weekend, I’ll be at the Best You Expo, at Stand 12, to answer any of your questions about love. On Sunday, at 12pm in room 3, you can hear me speak about how to reframe your past hurts and history and even what you believe to be your negative qualities. For more information on how to book tickets, click here

Thanks to your support, we’ve also made it to the list of semi-finalist of the Best You Awards for The Best Lifestyle Enhancement Vlogger. We’re on the same list as Zoella, who my daughter adores, so I’m pretty excited even to make it this far! Thanks to Marija and Stefani, who participate very actively in the creation of our video content.

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Do you hate Valentine’s Day?

Hi there,

It’s Valentine’s Day and of course, as a Love Coach, I’m bringing out a Valentine’s Day video.

If you’re feeling sad or lonely because you don’t have any plans, and if there is even a tiny part of you that wishes you had someone special to take you out today, then I have a great news for you.

Actually I even have two pieces of great news. Firstly, my upcoming self-study program is being created this month and should be available for purchase towards the end of March, which I am making for those of you who were constantly begging me to put together a learning platform that will allow you the benefits of learning how to Attract Authentic Love into your life but at a fraction of the cost of my coaching.

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I am a Speaker Now

I am a Speaker Now!
Last year I had what was my biggest speaking opportunity, since I’ve officially become a Love Coach, at the NLP Life Talks. This year the opportunities are even bigger!

Have you ever had something that you really wanted, but felt stuck and as if you didn’t really believe that it was possible? That was me some years back. I was stuck doing contracting Marketing work that I didn’t really love and feeling forced to pitch myself for more work in an industry I didn’t even really want to be in anymore. More importantly, I didn’t know how to change it or how to get out of what I was doing. I wanted to change my life so that I could love what I was doing and I wanted to find love. But I felt totally stuck: not only did I not like my job, but I didn’t always even like myself. I felt like a failure in many ways. One fateful day changed this and everything turned around.

Now, almost two years later, everything is so completely different. I’ve found my calling in helping to bring more love into this world by helping you to bring love into yours. This year has already started with a bang. I’m signed up to participate in 4 big events to showcase myself as a Love Coach and will also be running several other free-standing workshops both for women and men. I’m taking on more and more male clients (in fact it’s 50/50 now) and I’m soon to have several published works and some online products (for those clients who have been begging me for this). Let’s just say that it’s going to be a busy year and I’m loving it! I finally feel that I’m achieving what I hope for and I’m living a life I love!

To watch a piece of my last big talk “Five Steps To Make Your Life Happen”, click bellow

So how did I get from there to here? Well I used many of the same techniques that I now share with clients to help them move their love life from ho-hum or nonexistent to wow. I’ll soon be sharing many of these techniques in my upcoming group workshop and in an online product I’ll be releasing in March, but if you want a hint of what’s to come, you can book a free 30 minute call with me on the link below.

To watch the entire video 


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Marching For Love

This weekend, after more publicity (both positive and negative) than has ever surrounded a Presidential candidate and future leader than ever before, the momentous day of a very different kind of US President being sworn in to office finally arrived. It was greeted with the greatest divide in opinions that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime (and I would venture that ever took place in the history of the American presidency). Supporters believe that this very different kind of President is the only one who could bring the security that the United States needs at this point. Opponents believe that the only thing that Trump will bring is the massive destruction of the American way, and potentially of our country in total. It’s a difficult line to walk and I’m still pondering what it is about both Trump and Clinton that led to so many very strong and divided opinions.

But while I ponder, many are crying out in a desperate effort to make sure their fears and reasons for hesitation are being heard. One big, significant group that is very vocal in their negative opinion of Trump’s way of saying whatever comes to his mind without necessarily editing it first (something that actually helps others on a different side of the divide warm up to him and like him more) is a sub-group of Feminist women. This past weekend, as Trump was being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, these women took to the streets of many parts of the world to protest. As a Transformational Love Coach working first just with women and now with men as well, I was compelled to share my thoughts.

To be fully honest my initial opinion was more of a ‘lack of opinion’– or rather I was not sure what to feel or think as I had no immediate emotional reaction to it. Was I, as a woman supposed to look at this as a political march? Or was I to look at this post-factum march in the bigger picture of an American citizen? I suppose that as a woman living in this time, and as an American citizen, even if I now reside in England, I cannot help but consider it on both fronts. The fact that this march, even if it came after it could effect change in who sits as our current President, has had such significant sway on the feelings of modern-day women – inspiring so many worldwide to join on their own streets (I saw it in London) – speaks of its’ impact and demonstrates its’ place in history. Is it an outcry of outrage or a step further in the direction of the movement started by so ever inspiring suffragettes? Or is it an example of the women of the world uniting together because of the issues shared across the world and this specific case shared by women?

The more I thought about the march, the less clear it seemed to me what the impact that this march hoped for was. While some of the posters were directly political, many, especially the ones from countries other than the US, seemed to demonstrate simply for equality. We all understand why America marched; but why did the rest of the world march with them? More importantly, what is it about this current Presidency that has the effect of making so many women worry that their equality is being threatened?

While trying to decipher this question, I began scrolling through images of hundreds of women marching together for a cause not entirely known. In fact the lack of clear aim warmed my heart towards the movement more because I saw it as a behavioural change where women stood next to each other helping each other, which is unfortunately much too rare in our current world of climbing corporate ladders and persistent competition. It is inspiring to witness a moment of women working together towards one combined goal again.

What we can see from this march of women goes beyond its’ effect on a political quest to the awakening of a new consciousness around the world in which women see each other as companions in a quest for something better – especially considering the peaceful nature it had. It is precisely this change in consciousness that is most important to me as someone who spends much of my time working to empower women to achieve their goals, whether love or beyond. This change of consciousness among women brings us to the deeper motive of self-growth which I as a coach spend my time helping clients achieve. Effective or not, the fact is that society as a whole is asking for a change in the direction of peace, equality, and honesty and those demands, even if coated as a political wish, stem from a deeper desire for self-development.

Now is the opportunity to stop blaming others for our unhappiness (that includes politicians); to stop comparing ourselves, our personal success, and our happiness with that of anyone else (that also includes politicians); and to focus on our own self-growth. If healthy self-growth begins, there will be no space for violence, aggression, or judgment. Those emotions are results of unhappiness – and unhappiness is the main cause for great conflicts, including war and political turmoil. The true art of self-growth is embedded within love.

Want help in empowering your personal femininity and accessing that hidden, amazing ability that we women all have within? Need help with changing your life to allow Authentic Love to flow into it? Book a free 30 minute Love Tune Up call with me and find out how I can help you work to improve self-love in order to find that amazing love that you seek.


Hi …
There are certain topics that you may be a bit more shy talking about even thought you REALLY want some answers to questions you may not dare to mention. Well, as your friendly helpful Love Coach, I’m here for you. Today we bring you the first in our intimacy questions series.

Enjoy and remember that I offer a free 30 minute Love Tune Up call to answer any other questions you’d rather not ask in person. Book on the link below.

How To Enjoy This Holiday Season Even If You Feel Lonely

How great would it be if you could actually enjoy the winter holidays even if you don’t have that someone special to share them with just yet? The problem is that starting from November (if you’re American) and Thanksgiving, right up to December with Christmas and New Year’s, and all the way up to February with Valentine’s Day, there are too many seasonal holidays when you are made to consider just how alone you feel.

In this multi-national, modern, fast-paced world of today, many of us are either displaced geographically or just feel out of place even if we’re close to home. Too many people no longer have the opportunity to share the holidays with loved ones; and even more don’t feel like spending them with family because of uncomfortable family issues. What that leaves then is a world where many people dread this holiday season rather than enjoying it and feeling the wonder and beauty and opportunity that it brings.

In this video, I’m going to share with you 3 tips for enjoying this holiday season even if you start off feeling lonely.

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Love makes us happier than money & now there’s proof!

If you’re feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with your life, you are not alone, especially as the holiday season approaches, which, paradoxically, is a time when people become more aware of  their lonely feelings. If you’re thinking that what would make you happier than anything else at this time is to find a Partner who truly loves you, you are actually not far from the truth.

According to a recent study on happiness conducted by the London School of Economics, where approximately 200,000 people responded to a survey on what makes them most happy, happiness was shown to increase significantly with love happy relationships. Interestingly, the increase in happiness was far greater from finding love and having happy relationships than when people doubled their income. You can find more from this study here:

As a Love Coach, I’m not at all surprised by these findings. After all, I have quite a few clients who come to me feeling unhappy with themselves and with their lives in general, mostly either lonely in their singlehood and feeling stuck in the inability to find the love that they truly want, or unhappy in their current relationship. After completing a 3 month Love Coaching course, they leave feeling significantly better about themselves, their lives, and their chances of finding or improving love. Not surprisingly, they usually find themselves happily in love not long after (or often even during) our work together.

There has been quite a lot of research showcasing the importance of Love on Happiness. I find it interesting that many people will invest quite a lot of time and money on improving their career and financial situation, but will be unwilling to invest the same for their love life, when the latter clearly is what leads to greater happiness than increased income. The thing about increased happiness in general is that it has a great effect on overall well-being.

As my gut feeling has always dictated and now has seen confirmed by this research as well, the greatest hit to a person’s happiness is depression and anxiety, which after my study of psychology, coaching, and stress management (within the hypnotherapy course I am doing now), I have seen is closely related to feeling alone and, as a consequence, questioning one’s own self-image and self-worth. Many of the clients who come to me feel alone and question whether they are good enough to ever find Authentic Love. Through the work that we do together, they discover just how much they’re worth and their happiness and life-satisfaction level increases, as dictated by their own reports.

The main point of the study was actually a political and economic one, hence why it was conducted at the LSE and not by a Psychological institution. The point was to encourage the state to refocus its priorities from helping people to make more wealth to helping them create more wellness. This is something that I agree with because wellness brings in turn wealth, but wealth does not guarantee wellness! Perhaps this is a key attitude to adapt for life. If we would focus more on our personal emotional well-being, and would find ourselves closer to internal satisfaction and happiness, we would hence be more capable of reaching other goals in other areas in our lives.

If the unhappiest people are those who are depressed and suffer from anxiety and the happiest are those who have loving relationships with Partners who value them and who they value in return (hence Authentic Love), then the direct cure for unhappiness is love.

Want to find out how we can work together to bring you closer to that happiness you also seek? Schedule a free 30 minute call with me by clicking here:

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Attract Authentic Love Promotion Video


Hi there,

How would you like to feel happily in love with your partner and know that your partner is just as much in love with you, and that he admires and values you just as you are and thinks of you as the only ideal woman for him? Are you sick and tired of putting yourself out there and feeling either constantly rejected or constantly disappointed with what comes back? Do you wish that finding love would be easier, more fun, more accessible to you? Well it can be and it already is for many women using this 3 step method for Attracting Authentic Love into their lives. Watch my video below and then give yourself the best Christmas gift of all: the gift of Authentic Love. I’ll tell you how in this video.

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Feminism Vs Femininity

Last week I celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends and all of our kids. As it happened, we were 3 couples, and all of us had female children. On much of the evening, the men of the couples would be hanging out while the women were cleaning up and getting food to serve and basically chit-chatting in the kitchen. We had a great time and no one really even noticed the division of labour, which to us, didn’t seem in any way strange. In fact, in my relationship now, it’s my boyfriend who will normally be the one found in the kitchen as I entertain the guests since he’s such a superstar chef and really has a passion and a gift for cooking (the two normally going together I’ve found). Hence the first time that any of us hit upon anything that specifically highlighted the big gender divide was when we began to speak of our children. All three of us women were working in careers where we had seeming flexibility, which could also become all-encompassing. All three of us, unlike our male partners, felt a tug of guilt about the time that our careers took away from the time we spent with our kids; but we also loved having our careers and would never give them up.

I, for one, spent some time as a stay-home mom and realised very soon that being a housewife wasn’t for me. That said, I have several friends who are wonderful at being stay-home moms and whose husbands greatly appreciate the wonderful service that they give to their families. But even though all three of us women greatly enjoyed our careers, and working, we also constantly felt guilty when the work-life balance was off and our time with our kids was down. It’s rare that I find men having that same feeling of guilt about working, although, more so now with the advent of feminism and the changes with the extremity of sex roles. I can’t imagine men of my grandfather’s generation feeling any guilt about working, as their main role in those days was to support their family.

That brought me to an interesting thought: Feminism has given us women the right to choose how we live our lives. We can now decide to work if we want to work, or to stay home and care for our families if we prefer to go that route; we can even do both and go from one to the other and back. Feminism has also helped men actually. Men like my boyfriend, who enjoy cooking, can now be the main cook in a family if they want to. A couple can share the housework and the child-rearing: which in fact was the case in all three of us couples that evening. Feminism gave society a lot and it is a wonderful advancement that has significantly propelled society forward. One can see how countries where women don’t have the power of choice are less advanced in many ways than areas where they do. The reason for this is that we women think and experience the world differently from men so we can offer a different input and way of working things out that, together with our male counterparts’ masculine energy, moves things forward.

There, I said it. We are women; we are not the same as men. We have amazing differences that should be highlighted and that are demonstrable ever since we’re very young. The way the little girls in the party were acting and playing together is very different to how a group of boys would act. One of the parents even pointed out how much more calm the group of girls was than a similar group where there had been a mix of both sexes. The plan of feminism was to give women choice; it was not to take away what makes us special and different as women in an attempt to make us a different version of men. Femininity is, and always should be, a part of us as women. It is part of what makes us special and unique, and what men constantly say they look for in a woman. Femininity is an additional string to our bow within Feminism. It is a strength and a power that only we, as women, can access and make use of, and it makes us special.

Over time, many women have come to believe that the only way to be truly respected by men is to be more masculine. But I think that’s losing the entire idea of what Feminism aimed to do initially in giving us free choice. Why are we taking that choice of how to live our lives away from ourselves by giving up on one key aspect that makes us so special and so well-regarded by men? I have seen women who use their strength of femininity to get what they want (meaning softness, sweetness, allowing the man to make some key decisions and showing him that they respect his opinion, rather than pushing him with aggression and nagging into what they want him to do) be much more successful at getting what they’re after than women who take the aggressive, masculine approach and try to wheelbarrow men into their point of view.

Many of the strong Feminists today worry that they are still not respected or treated equally by men. However, it is only us ourselves that can allow anyone to disrespect us – and this is true for women as much as for men. When a person is fully confident, no words of disrespect will harm her ego, and eventually that strength within will break the common patterns that females have found themselves in and so bravely fought against. That is the goal that we should be striving for: not a temporary fix of women achieving the same position as men (which should not even be disputed!), but empowering women to never belittle themselves in order to reach their goals, whether in life or in love.

We are living in a wonderful modern time when people have demanded to be heard and are voicing their positions in an effort to truly be understood. Look at politics today: the many discontented people were able to use the power of their vote to change substantially the course of their country and even of the world around them. With feminism, we have the ability to use our voice as much as men do, without ever having to be entirely like them. There is no need to give up the wonderful traits that we possess: such as warmth, open heartedness, and tenderness. These qualities, which have always been appreciated by bachelors looking for a woman who is wife material, are in truth some of the biggest strengths that an individual may possess.

Feminism is a movement towards equality between men and women. Equality, however is not about ‘equating’ the two, but, in fact, embracing the uniqueness of both as equally powerful, equally great, equally intelligent, and equally capable. The key then is not equality in every aspect of life, but a cooperative balance and understanding between the two genders, which naturally produces equality.

Now you may wonder what is Femininity then and why it is so important? If we look it at it anthropologically, the woman’s body is the bearer of children and in that bearing she has to be nurturing. She is also the one who has the ability to provide the initial food for her baby. Of course modern energies do not work entirely according to nature’s intentions and men are often just as involved in the nurturing and feeding aspects of raising kids as their female counterparts (one of the benefits of the Feminism movement is that they now have the ability and the right to this involvement as it is no longer just the woman’s domain) but nor can, or should, the traditional feminine energies be overlooked or ignored entirely. I’ve seen, both from interviewing men and from speaking to successful couples, that Femininity is one of the key energies that makes any union work; and since it is innately and intrinsically female we have to understand the mysteries of Femininity.

Want help in bringing out your personal femininity and accessing that hidden, amazing ability that we women all have within? Need help with changing your life to allow Authentic Love to flow into it? Watch the “Find Your Femininity” webinar for free, the first part of my 5 series “Unlocking Your Irresistibility” online workshop, by clicking here.

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Master Your Magnetism with Coach Lauren Joyce

Hi there,

Recently, I shared a collaboration I did with another Coach, Lauren Joyce, who gathered several experts on love, relationships, dating, and female magnetism together to answer the question of what makes some women more magnetic than others and what all women can do to boost their own personal magnetism. In case you haven’t already seen the video with me, you can see it here on YouTube:

Being more Magnetic in Love is similar to being more Magnetic in Life in general. Having the ability to create the kind of life that we want to live uses similar skills as learning to attract the kind of love that we want into our lives. As sentient creatures, we all want to be more magnetic in our lives and to create the life and love story that we dream of. The video with Lauren gives some tips on how to make this possible.

As women, we want to be truly adored and admired by the special men in our lives. That feeling, when it’s missing, has the capacity to make us feel unhappy and empty inside. That’s why Love and all of the wonderful sentiments that it brings, is so important for us. Research has shown that feeling loved can significantly boost our level of satisfaction and contentment and our health overall, whereas feeling unloved or lonely has the opposite effect of lowering health and lifespan.

Lauren approached me as an Expert for her series because of my work last year helping women to Unlock their Irresistibility. That series has now ended, but now you too can benefit from the teaching by purchasing my five series workshop here:

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What do the American elections say about society and Love?

There is a saying that I heard once that was something akin to: “most people only make significant changes in their lives when they feel very uncomfortable where they are.” I see this echoed often in my clients, who normally seek out my help when they come to the realisation that they aren’t able to make the discomfort go away on their own. Often, however, the work is more intensive and more self-challenging than they would have expected from a Love Coach. Unfortunately, there are plenty of band aid solutions out there in dating and flirting coaches and “do it like this” books that just teach us to smile or dress or act differently and the changes will come with minimal effort. When dealing with their love life, many of my clients will at some point use the phrase “but this is hard work”.

It has been widely accepted that changes are not welcomed warmly and that, in general, people do not seek out big changes if circumstances are not that bad. Instead of provoking a new situation, we generally adapt to the situation as it is or pretend that nothing has changed until the point of breaking when we can’t ignore the problems anymore. We all know that person that stays in his or her job for decades even though he could be much more successful and much more influential somewhere else, just because it is easier to do nothing than to do something to create a change that could potentially be either much better or possibly more challenging (though I have found the former to be the case most of the time). Making changes takes work and it means switching from reactivity (which is easy, even if painful) to proactivity (which is challenging and takes work).

However, the recent political events of Brexit and the American elections have seemed to go completely against this logic. The Western world as a whole is calling for a change and a significant change at that. Is this a sign that we have grown so uncomfortable that we are seeking huge leaps to bring us out of this situation? You might say that love and politics have nothing to do with each other, and are thinking that this isn’t really in the field of what I should be writing a newsletter for love about; but both are dictated by people’s outlooks towards life and towards the world in general. Just as I see failure patterns in relationships, the choices we make in seeking them out, keeping them, or avoiding them, equally I see similar patterns in the political choices of today, especially when it comes to the current elections (both with Brexit where I sit in London and with the US where I first considered home and where my family lives). Both choices reflect states of mind.

The point isn’t whether the decisions being made are good or bad or right or wrong; the point is that choices are being made and people are stating their opinions clearly and with conviction by making these choices. In itself the act of choice speaks more about the condition in which we are in or strive for; if you go to a Coach, for instance, they help show you how not to be afraid of choices and the possibility of them failing, because making choice, in itself, is already a regaining of control in one’s life. The political choice, that made by masses of people compounded together is a powerful one that speaks of a clear direction: the people are calling out for change. Keeping in mind that change is desired mainly when the situation one is in is uncomfortable enough to want to move out of it, the message sent now by two Western countries is a clear one.

The American people made their choice, just as the British people had before them. In this scenario, people chose the change and choosing the change shows that something for someone, somewhere (on a global scale) was very wrong. The change has happened and more is to come – our choice is to decide how we will welcome this change, not to fear it, and remember that within the wide, wide universe, our own life is our own choice.

Change is hard, but it is also often necessary for any kind of significant movement towards self-improvement. Need help with changing your life to allow Authentic Love to flow into it? Schedule a free 30 minute call with Julia to see how she can help you to make the changes to improve your personal love story for good.

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Scary Offer!

Hey you,

Yesterday was Halloween, and as I grew up in the US and I have small kids who still love the holiday of “trick or treating” and dressing up, I spend a part of my late afternoon out with them knocking on doors and asking for candy (yes that’s what Halloween is about). While out with my kids, I began thinking about my clients and the people I know who don’t go out looking for other dressed up demons, but who live a life shrouded by their own personal ghosts.

Clients come to me on a regular basis lost for how to love again after past hurts or covered in hidden feelings of inadequacy and previously unspoken of fears that they’re not good enough to be loved. These ghosts of past broken hearts and traumas that often go back to when they were little then become barriers that sit with them stopping the love that they want from coming in. My mission then becomes one of a modern “Ghostbuster” to help them to dispel myths that have ceased to suit their hope for that ideal love that they have in mind.

Once the ghosts are allowed to die forever, that move towards living the ideal love life that they really want begins. I love helping my clients to dispel these ghosts and to let them go forever once the realisation strikes that they have been holding them back from living the life that they ideally want.

As I can only work with so many clients on a one to one basis, and as some clients asked me to create a more affordable option of working with them, I began to offer workshops on certain topics. This past spring’s 5 week series, “Unlocking Your Irresistibility” is now available for purchase here:  for only £25 for the entire series.

Next year will be the year of attracting authentic love and we will be beginning our series in January. You can find more details below.

In line with Halloween we would like to offer all our loyal readers and their friends a scary discount for joining the series prior to its official launch. Halloween tends to bring ghosts and demons to the surface (or at least makes it ok for us to pretend for a night). Uncovering these demons is required in the midst of searching for love in order to allow ourselves to let them go for good. Sometimes finding love brings other demons out in us as well: demons that are not supporting us but only put a spell of negativity all over us. That spell of self-pitty, self-judgement, lack of confidence and above all the spell of fear are in need of an antidote and that antidote is here!

Lately, all of the positivity that I and my team have had with the work that we’ve done, collaborating with some amazing people, have brought fruits of success. These came only after we were able to face our own fears and take the antidotes that came to move beyond them into reaching our dreams. In the mood of growth I would like to offer my share of help to you and those friends that you feel close enough to want to help and share with. I’m offering you and any friends that you recommend a 50 percent of discount to my upcoming “Attract Authentic Love” workshops: this is available for both the in person or online workshops and you take advantage by entering the code FRIENDS (all caps) at checkout when you book. Look for the booking links below to book now as this discount is only available for a limited time.

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Think you can’t afford coaching, but really would love to improve your love life? Inquire about our new payment plan or consider joining our upcoming series at a fraction of the price of one to one coaching.

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Meet Natalie: Testimonial

Hey there,

For those who are considering working with me in the future, it’s comforting to see testimonials of others who’ve been there where you are now and who thrived from the process. One such testimonial is available to watch with this week’s newsletter.

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Q&A with Julia Keller

This week we’re answering your love questions again in our now regular Q&A with Julia Keller. I am sharing a question I received a while ago, but a question that I have came across so many times in my work with clients.
I have been seeing a man for a few months but he does not introduce me to his friends or family. What do I do?
What would you do? Have you ever been in such situation? My answer goes two fold. Firstly, without any fear you ask yourself what is the status of your relationship. Secondly, you adopt the language which is suitable to your relationship. I go into further detail in the video, but if any of you have any similar questions I would highly recommend to attend my complementary webinar, Find Your Femininity, which is closely linked to today’s discussion. The webinar is this Thursday and the link to sign up is here.
Remember that we answer your pressing love questions completely anonymously in the Q&A. You can send your love questions in so many different ways including through all of our social media channels below or by email to
Now, enjoy the vide 🙂

Maria’s Story

This past weekend, my PA, Marija was married. I was so excited for her to share her story with all of you that I asked her to write it because I personally found it super inspiring. I hope that you will too. Here it is below:

On 1st of October 2016 I got married. Very young, very liberal, completely not conservative, never religious and never a fan of marriage or anything institutionalized for that matter.  And here I am, married to a most wonderful person, in the most traditional manner possible in my culture – a church ceremony.  Let me rewind a bit and tell you about the journey in which I found myself – myself that turned out to be nothing like the image I had previously clung to.


At the beginning of my Masters I moved to London, and it happened that one of my best friends who moved there too offered me to share a flat with him. It also happened that he was my other best friend’s ‘love of her life’, and also a really good childhood friend to a guy I had just broken up with. Of course the immediate conclusion from our friends was that we were bound to ‘hook-up’ at least once, I mean come on: two single friends who at that time liked to indulge in a somewhat ‘freer’ lifestyle, at some point would have either drank too much, or felt sad and lonely and there would have been an act of ‘sin’. Basically, potentially it could have become a very messy situation with several broken hearts and betrayals. However, knowing myself to be the least of drama queens, an extremely loyal friend and, above all, having no romantic interest at that point in this friend, I accepted the offer. Besides, I needed a place to live and that place was ideal.


To everyone’s surprise, it turned out that having a single male flat mate, who knew all your friends and your ex-boyfriend for whom I still had a great deal of feelings and a regular communication, and who was in a very similar life situation as I, meant that he actually was a great friend.  We were literary bread and butter. We shared every single feeling with each other, just as I would have shared with my best girlfriend and so did he. Similar to my relationship, he equally was semi-involved to that mentioned ‘love of his life’. In fact this was one of the smoothest and most comfortable relationships that I ever had. We were both  very busy with our studies, therefore not spending too much time with each other – however enough time to gradually realize that we had become the closest people to one another, and the beauty of it all was that it was completely pure and authentic. We both had engraved in our minds the similar idea that our romantic relationship was equal to an emotional catastrophe, not only for us but especially for our friends.  Therefore, not even a seed of romantic potentiality was planted in our consciousness (or so we believed back then). What we had was honesty, complete openness and total authenticity. There was not a single topic we were reluctant to talk about – having no fear of the other’s judgment helped us to be so much freer with one another. We laughed a lot about how smooth this platonic love of ours was – questioning what had gone wrong in our love lives. At some point I had given up hope for ever finding that ‘one’ love as from our experiences it was always tiring, painful and a misbalance of love was given. Basically I had developed a theory that love between two people was a constant game of giving and taking, with one party always being the giver while the other the receiver — which meant that it was not love at all but a kind of a social contract. I hated this idea, and hence I hated the idea of marriage (even despite the fact that I’d starting being a PA for Julia, a Love Coach who was a strong supporter of marriage and who spent much time helping her clients to find that ideal love to marry). All of the girlfriends around me were in the situation that I hated to watch: where the obvious pattern was that the givers were always women, while the cheaters were, predictably, their men.  The situation I found myself to be in previously, and seeing my other girlfriends sharing similar stories, made me give up on love completely. 


Here I was in this platonic love, however, which was one of the best relationships I ever had, in which I wasn’t questioning what was his attitude towards me, nor was I needy or clingy.  I did not have the desire to posses him or to be possessed by him, and that feeling was the most liberating feeling I have ever had.  I welcomed this calmness into my life, where there was no seed of drama. That freedom which I found towards myself by simply  being honest was the biggest happiness I had ever experienced. I mean of course there were little life dramas, but in comparison to that inner freedom they were nothing. I was completely happy being alone without ever feeling lonely. 


I am sure by now that all of you realized how the story ended. After all, life does work in clichés, but the lesson that I learned is that as long as you are honest to yourself, clichés do not exist and only your own uniqueness can see that because every single moment lived honestly is a fresh, new moment full of life and love.


My flatmate is my husband now, and the only reason we still have not had a single fight is that we are completely open and vulnerable with each other. 

Our life vow is to always be fully honest – no matter how hard and revealing that truth may be. We have accepted one another with all of the humanness that we posses – that meaning we told each other openly when we felt sad, hurt, defensive or even hostile towards our friends or family members. Life itself is so interesting; the beauty and mystery it contains and reveals is endless if you only allow yourself to witness it. The hardships it throws at you are at times unbearable; it does not need any more created drama. It will never get boring, as having true authentic love in one’s life will always make it interesting.


Our love started from within. It began with the freedom in which we communicated opening that little door inside of us to see what we really are and what we really want; and love entered only then when we accepted ourselves. On a personal level, we are always growing, falling, stopping and starting again. But love is not a personal level – love is being open and sharing. 


Here’s to all of you in your quest to find that authentic ideal love,


Want help to attract your own ideal love story. Whether you’re looking for that loving, authentic committed relationship or you’re in a relationship that you believe could be more ideal if only… Let me help you as I’ve helped many others just like you!

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How finding love is a bit like finding a job

Many years ago, I remember putting on a business suit and forcing myself to go to as many networking events as my university advertised in the hopes of somehow landing that ideal job. I didn’t in fact; but after a series of seemingly endless rows of interviews where I went through a wardrobe of business suits and learned how to answer questions that I really didn’t believe had anything to do with how I’d actually be as an employee, I ended up accepting the best offer that I got. It was a compromise of course and not really the ideal job that I’d dreamed of, but I needed something quick and so I was quick to compromise.

Fast forward many years forward when I’ve finally landed my ideal career: being a Love Coach and helping women all over the world find that ideal love for themselves, even if it’s finding the ideal within a relationship that they believe has long run stale and that they want my help in renewing. I’m working much harder now than ever before and my free time is so limited that I rarely even watch television, unless it’s to keep my kids company on the occasions that we sit and watch as a family. But I’m the most happy and fulfilled than I’ve ever been. It took me years – way too many years in fact – to stop compromising and leave a career I didn’t really enjoy behind to pursue one that I loved but that was a big risk when I first began. Over a year down the line and I have no regrets at all.

During my time as a Love Coach, I’ve met many women from many walks of life. Most of them have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months, even years at times doing whatever they need to do to get themselves a job. They own at least several interchangeable interview-appropriate business suits and heels to match. They wear makeup and their best glossy smile for networking events that involve them potentially getting a better job. And they have sat through countless interviews answering completely banal questions about their strengths, weaknesses, life goals, career aspiration, etc, etc. Somehow, this is acceptable as a normal course of action for these women; and normally going through this experience, as mildly traumatic as the occasional rejections sometimes seem, these women eventually land a job that they are content to accept. Often it’s not their ideal job, but occasionally it may lead to one that is closer to their ideal that comes simply due to the fact that they know what they’re doing, have more experience and have realised how to act and what they can and cannot say.

Funny enough, finding the ideal job and succeeding at it is not that different from finding that ideal love and being great navigating that relationship too. Just as you’d put on the appropriate outfit for a job interview or networking event in the hopes of eventually landing your ideal job, it helps to put yourself together appropriately to be noticed by your ideal man. Just as putting on some makeup and a shiny smile usually is helpful when going to an interview or networking event in order to come across better, some makeup and a shiny smile helps you to be noticed and liked more by the men you’re looking to meet when you go out or on a date as well. Very often an interview is a sifting process where you both have to answer each other’s questions to make sure that there’s a fit between the two. The same is true with a date or when meeting people when you go out. And of course, you get better at your job as your experience grows, just as you become more successful at a relationship as you keep working at it, or as you learn from the mistakes of one to benefit another that comes after.

Yet often the same women who will have no issue going through the process over and over in order to secure the best opportunity in the career world are the ones who say they can’t be bothered to go through any of it in order to meet the right man in the world of dating and relationships. Sometimes they just settle on the first one who pays them any notice; or often they just settle with ending up alone, even when they desperately want to be with someone.

The thing is that the world of finding love can sometimes be difficult to navigate. All too often there is pain first before there is fulfilment. There are usually many more frogs than princes and you may have to wade through way more bad weather than you ever thought you can survive before you arrive at that perfect sunny relationship that you’ve always wanted. The process of finding love is complicated and sometimes treacherous so way too many people don’t ever stay past the hurt part. They get broken once and then they retreat. It’s like that with everything in life. The things that matter generally don’t come too easily. That’s why most of the truly successful people out there have a very compelling and dynamic story to tell of how they got that way. My most successful entrepreneur friends took many risks before they found their reward and some survived quite a few crashes before they fell upon an idea that took off big.

I don’t think success is meant to be easy, or everyone would find it; that’s true in your career as much as it is in love. The challenge is what filters people out so that only some, who want it badly enough to really work for it, make it to what they really want. It takes many people years filled with challenges before they find their ideal path. Many of my most happily in love friends and clients suffered through more than a few heartbreaks before they found their ideal love. The only thing they did differently from the masses who end up hiding out alone is that they didn’t let the pain stop them for long. It’s ok to retreat and lick your wounds for a while. In fact, it’s even healthy to do that once in a while, especially if retreating means going through the lessons that you’ve learned and thinking about how you could improve for the next time; the most successful entrepreneurs do that after each failure or non-starter and that’s what makes them better. Often, they have a Business Coach or Mentor to ensure that they consider all of the lessons fully. It’s letting that hiding out stretch out to forever that keeps you from attaining that ideal love story that you so wish you can hold, just as quitting forever after the first failure would mean that you’d never actually have that business success that you so dream of. Many people give up at the first obstacle; they aren’t the ones who smile one day to their grandchildren telling them the stories of the obstacles that they surpassed to reach their success.

I know that sometimes the dating world could be very difficult to navigate, so if you’re looking for a guide to propel your love life forward and would like to find out more about my upcoming workshops and my one to one work with clients, schedule your free half hour call with me by emailing with “BetterLoveLife” in the subject line (or just reply to this newsletter and change the subject line to the one above). I look forward to helping you realise your great love success


Hey you, 

When deciding whether to work with a coach, there is no better way to be sure than by listening to testimonials from former clients. That’s why I am always encouraging potential clients to look at the Testimonials page on my website:

This month, I bring you a video testimonial, recorded some time back, from one of my former clients. It’s always a pleasure hearing directly from clients about how much the coaching has benefitted them and I’m pleased to share Kathleen’s testimonial with all of you. Please feel free to forward to any friends that you think could benefit from working with me.

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